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  1. Thank you, I just bought a cable specifically for this soundbar, I took specially HDMI 2.1 and is not cheap. Before that I listened on another soundbar with this cable and there were no problems. I'll try to change the cable to a new one. But it seems to me that the problem is not in the cable, as the sound from the cable TV connection is also interrupted. But this happens very rarely, maybe only once a day.
  2. It is very rare that the sound disappears for a second, no matter what the quality of the audio signal. What could be the problem? HDMI wire 2.1.
  3. It would be great to do it like my old soundbar Polk Audio Magnifi Max SR, set the center channel from -5 to +4, Press the dialog button and set the parameter as for the subwoofer + -.
  4. I received klipsch cinema 1200, 1 day ago, updated the firmware, I will not write about the update process itself. If in 3 words. There was everything, and the panel did not start, just a black screen and elements were not stitched, the value 0 appeared. After 2 hours of torment, the soundbar was updated. 1. Disappointment in the central dynamics, the dialogues are quiet, if you put dialogue 3, then the distortion of dialogues with a metallic sound appears, which is simply disgusting. My previous panel just had a great center speaker. 2. After the update, the height dynamics cannot be adjusted, the value always remains at 0. 3. And with loudness it is not clear why it cannot be shifted to the beginning? To hear something, I need to set the volume above 30. I also compare it with the previous soundbar, there is a comfortable volume of 16. And Klipsch has 40. As for the wheezing from behind, while I have not heard anything, I will be watching.
  5. Thanks for the answer. I know that they do not read the forum, I want to collect more reviews about this product in order to send them a link by email, as my clients do. If you have problems in this system, write to have statistics, I hope they will not ignore these problems!
  6. I would like to hear an official answer. Will this be resolved?
  7. As they write, the defect does not appear immediately and in a chaotic manner. And the defects all go away after disconnecting the power from the soundbar for a couple of minutes, then again an indefinite time passes and all the defects appear one by one. In the store, no one will give me a soundbar home so that I can listen to it there for more than 2 days, since they are not available and are only brought to order especially for me. Here the question is, how likely is it that this is a software problem and how will everything be quickly fixed?
  8. Thanks for the video reviews, I've watched them for a long time. I would like to hear feedback, not from a video blogger, but from a real client who uses the soundbar every day. In other forums, they complain that the rear speakers are noisy, the soundbar freezes and many other minor annoyances. How would you comment on this?
  9. Thanks, I saw it all 😃 In the forum www.avsforum.com they write that there are problems with the rear speakers and that the system freezes, you have to constantly unplug it from the outlet, that it began to work normally. I wanted to listen to real reviews who have such a soundbar.
  10. Thanks for the answer. What about problems? Is there a problem with the soundbar, is there any noise in the rear speakers? What interests the most is not the equalizer, but how the soundbar works, whether it is buggy or not.
  11. Hello everyone! Sorry for the bad English, I am writing through a translator, I myself am from Russia =)) Before buying this system, I would like to know what the problems are, I just do not want to buy a non-working system. It will be difficult to exchange this product in Russia, 40+ days have passed, and the system has not been sent yet. And I would like to get an official answer, when will there be an update, where will the equalizer feature appear? According to open sources, they promised at the end of August, now it is October and there is no update yet.
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