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  1. First off, I would like to thank everyone for responding to my post. I got this speaker by trading my landscaping and cleanup work to a friend. When I first saw the speaker, I did not know what kind of speaker it was. All I know at the time from my quick search was that the compression driver worth some money. My original thought was to take the components and sell them on eBay to get my money back. After doing some more research I found that it was a Klipsch speaker and might have some value behind it and so the reason I reach out to the forum. Sorry that my statement of "what to do with it?" is misleading. I meant to ask if I should have someone fix it before selling it or selling the components separately. My financial circumstance cannot afford me to donate this speaker or afford to own it for my own use.
  2. I just came in to possession of this Klipschorn and hope the forum could help me find out more about it's history. I can see 14 March 1949 in pencil on the wooden part of the inductor so I believe this might be one of the earlier Klipschorn made. The components are as followed: Western Electric 713A K5 horn Jessen PLA-15 Crossover - Wood core inductors and other parts Any suggestion of what to do with this speaker? The components appear to be in good shape but I have not test, measure or do anything else with the speaker except open the side to take picture of the woofer. Thank you for your reply.
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