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  1. What're y'all using to secure the eggcrate foam? Staples, adhesive, heavy duty double stick tape?
  2. Fooling around in the garage today, I started with a sheet of 1/4” abs and roughed-in some adapters for my stock K77 horns. I’m wanting to try some B&C DE120’s, but don’t want to spend $300+ for MAHLs right away. I’m not expecting these to compete with Crites or MAHLs, but hopefully they can get my Super Heresy’s up and running while giving my toy budget a break.
  3. @ClaudeJ1, thanks for all you have done to work on this mod. I recently came across some Dayton PA310 drivers at a great price, and have been looking at where to position the port. The Dayton is a little over 1/2" shallower than the Delta Pro 12A, which makes me curious if it would be OK to center my ports. It still wouldn't have the one port diameter rule-of-thumb space to the back of the driver, but it doesn't look too bad when I mock it up. Second, and more relevant to recent posts, is there a "beer budget" tweeter you'd look at (along the lines of the Dayton woofers) as being OK for this project? I'm thinking of using/making an adapter and retaining the original horns. The other option could be making adapters (for the DE120's) and saving pennies for the MAHLs. But, DE120's are scarce and getting expensive.
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