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  1. I went and connected my older RC-3 II center channel it seemed to be a better match to the RF-7 III’s. The R-34C seemed to be dominating even when turned down, the RC-3 II sounds great - you can still hear the RF-7’s, more balanced. Will keep the RC-3 a bit, see how it works out. It’s just in my field of view a bit on the bottom of the TV. Really appreciate everyone’s feedback.
  2. Have a great system (in my mind) - all Klipsch speakers (front floor standing, surrounds all ceiling unfortunately), Pioneer Elite driving a 11.2.4 system. Love it. Recently upgraded my LF/RF from my first RF-5’s (almost 20 years old, went to good owner) to two RF-7 III’s. The RF-7’s are incredible. Now the R-34C is not as clear as the RF-7’s, sounds good, but I’m curious of everyone’s thoughts. The R-34C may not be as clear or dynamic as a larger speaker profile, the RC-64 may be too much - what’s another option that may match well? For those who upgraded from their R-34C to another Klipsch, or those who have the 504 or 450, or RC-64 - what would you do??????? I really don’t need to upgrade the center, but I want to. Ha! Any thoughts? Appreciate everyone’s insight, thanks.
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