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  1. I think I was close to ideal positioning the other day, the singers head changed size according to volume and the music seemed to appear effortlesly in the room, strange imaging in some songs for example with Johnny Cash playing guitar behind his head, stuff like that. It was not a setup with a perfect triangle I must try that out indeed..
  2. Hi thanks everyone who answered this post. Yeah I'm back at about 15 degrees now. Have anyone here tried an equilateral triangle position? It just seem so wide in my room (limited by a corner). I have had them in a 1.2 distance a little narrower triangle, It was great for depth but singers head either stuck in the middle or too low.... A better question would probably be, how do I know when I have it perfect?
  3. Hello, I have lived with the Klipsch RP-8000F for about six month, I’m super happy with the purchase. Have recently started to revise my speaker placement and experiment with toe in angles. My listening area is about 20’x12’, speakers are placed on the long wall so I’m sitting about 7 feet from each speaker, they are out 2 feet from the front wall and more or less 7 feet apart. Right now I have them toed, at about a 20 degree angle so that the sound from the tweeters end up at a point directly behind my head, I know this is recommended as a starting place by people on the Internet. Before this I had them in a much more reserved angle maybe about 10 - 12 degrees, I like how it sounds but I don't know if it is ideal. I get greater focus on the singer now, but I think the soundstage was better before. If I toe them out a little I start to pick up things that should be in the middle of the soundstage like the singers voice in either left or right channel until I reach that 10 - 12 degrees. What do you think would be ideal placement / toe in my situation, maybe it could save me some time and would be fun to discuss ideal placement for Klipsch RP-8000F?
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