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  1. At that time they were not installed. The k401's are really heavy, so they're definitely necessary. I 3d printed a set for now until I can make a couple out of wood. Once I got the speakers playing music I lost a little motivation to knockout the details.
  2. The pictures I have posted so far represent what they look like with two coats of danish oil light walnut color. I'll update you if i go for a darker shade. My wife likes them as is so it might be a good stopping point.
  3. Plywood: You'll need three sheets, around $70/each. There are tools online that you can input all the dimensions into and it'll lay out the most efficient cuts and it's considerate of grain direction. Hardware: Around $30. Including screws, brad nails, and glue. Time: I had about 30 hours in building my set.
  4. Thank you. It's been a lot of fun listening to them for the last couple of evenings. I ordered a Dayton Audio hybrid tube amp (hta100bt), but perhaps will pursue making one in the future. Currently they have been stained with Danish Oil. I'll probably do a couple more coats to make it a touch darker and then polyurethane them. I used these plans and had minimal issues. I found them in another thread on this forum. There were a couple pieces I had to trim with a router once the cabinet was assembled, which is probably due to a mixture of cutting inaccurately and 3/4" plywood being slightly thinner than its nominal size. I made all of the dimension cuts with a circular saw with a clamp-on saw guide (60 tooth blade).
  5. Specs: Woofer - Eminence 15C Squawker - Atlas PD5VH mounted to Crites C-401 horn Tweeter - Crites CT120 Crossover - Crites A/4500 Maple plywood
  6. The roofs were tricky to cut. Used an old Craftsman compound miter saw. Pretty sketchy but they turned out nice.
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