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  1. On 1/25/2022 at 7:55 PM, Islander said:

    Maybe it’s the lighting, but I don’t see the support brackets for the K401 horns.  Or are they so much lighter than the cast aluminum K400 horns that they don’t need any added support?

    At that time they were not installed. The k401's are really heavy, so they're definitely necessary. I 3d printed a set for now until I can make a couple out of wood. Once I got the speakers playing music I lost a little motivation to knockout the details.


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  2. On 1/25/2022 at 12:55 PM, JohnW said:

    Would you mind posting pics of them with the Danish Oil finish? Trying to figure out what finish to put on my mine (just got them yesterday). 

    Amazing work, btw. Gorgeous. Bet they sound amazing, too. 

    The pictures I have posted so far represent what they look like with two coats of danish oil light walnut color. I'll update you if i go for a darker shade. My wife likes them as is so it might be a good stopping point.

  3. 17 hours ago, Alfredo Prada said:

    I got this parts list and prices from critesspeakers.com to build a pair of La Scala's, now the question is how much is the wood/other parts and the labor to build the boxes (approx)?




    La Scala Parts:



    Model CW1526 Pair:                                       $320.00    (Woofers)


    Model CT120 Pair including hook-up wires  $280.00  (Tweeters)


    Pair of A-55G/2 Drivers                                    $535.00     (Mid drivers)


    (Series 1, Sonicap)                                            $715.00     (crossovers) UPGRADED


    C401 Plastic 400Hz Horns. Pair                      $340         Mid Horns


                                       Total                             $ 2190.00

    Plywood: You'll need three sheets, around $70/each. There are tools online that you can input all the dimensions into and it'll lay out the most efficient cuts and it's considerate of grain direction.


    Hardware: Around $30. Including screws, brad nails, and glue.


    Time: I had about 30 hours in building my set. 


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  4. 5 hours ago, TubesGlo said:

    Congrats on your build, nice work. You'll enjoy the fruits of your labor and the satisfaction of listening with a smile thinking...wow... I made these.

    Enjoy! Maybe a DIY tube amp kit in your future.....

    Thank you. It's been a lot of fun listening to them for the last couple of evenings. I ordered a Dayton Audio hybrid tube amp (hta100bt), but perhaps will pursue making one in the future.



    4 hours ago, henry4841 said:

    Nice work. What is your plan for a finish? 

    Currently they have been stained with Danish Oil. I'll probably do a couple more coats to make it a touch darker and then polyurethane them. 



    2 hours ago, Dave MacKay said:

    Where did you find plans? Did you have to make any alterations?


    I used these plans and had minimal issues. I found them in another thread on this forum. There were a couple pieces I had to trim with a router once the cabinet was assembled, which is probably due to a mixture of cutting inaccurately and 3/4" plywood being slightly thinner than its nominal size. I made all of the dimension cuts with a circular saw with a clamp-on saw guide (60 tooth blade).




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  5. I'll get some more pictures posted this evening. The mid-horns are composite k-401's. I sourced them from critesspeakers.com, they call them c-401's. $300 for a pair. They have an online store on the website but I did have to email a company representative to set up a purchase order.

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  6. Good Evening,


    I just wanted to post a thank you to the forum. I have been in the process of building a set of clone La Scalas over the past couple months and have read many of your threads to find necessary specs, prints, etc... Years ago, while helping my uncle set up for an event he was DJing, I was taken aback by his set of La Scalas. I got married back in August and asked him to borrow them for the wedding not knowing he had sold them years ago. He pointed me in the direction of his friend who had bought them and I was able to use them. Long story short, I got bit pretty hard by the Klipsch bug recently. 




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