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  1. Hello, First let me preface this by saying I'm a complete newbie so I apologize if some of my terminology is wrong, or my explanation doesn't make sense. I had the Audioengine A5+ Wireless and while at first, they sounded a bit muddy to me I grew to love their sound and how it really surrounded you. Unfortunately, because of some nitpickiness I found a few issues with the A5+ that the Klipsch R-51PM shored up. Unfortunately, though while I love how crisp and clear stuff on the higher end is, they feel a bit empty by comparison - i.e., where the A5+ made it feel like I was surrounded by music the R-51PM didn't. I'm assuming this is an issue more about bass than anything, however I'm again new to this and don't know how much that would be affected by something like a subwoofer. With that said I come to my question... Would it be better to spend the ~400ish from the R-51PM and another ~300ish for the R-100SW which would be around ~700 or should I just get something like the RP-600M for ~600 with something like the Fosi Audio BT20A for about ~100 which would also be around ~700 (or if the RP-600M go on sale for cheaper then maybe something a bit more like the Fosi Audio DA2120D so that I can have a USB output as well for my PC). Originally, I was looking for powered speakers that would have as much functionality as possible but after getting a bit more comfortable from doing research about the cabling for something like an amp I thought it might be better to just get a nice pair of speakers and then add functionality through an amp or receiver and that it would be easier to upgrade the amp/receiver down the line than it would to add both as well as having to then add new speakers later on if I went with the R-51PM. I figured the RP-600M would be speakers I could keep more long-term since they're more about sound than features, whereas the R-51PM I was looking at from a more feature standpoint. So, I guess the question really is for the money which is better, the R-51PM with a subwoofer or the RP-600M without? I hear they are in two completely different leagues, but I'm curious just how much. Would the RP-600M have a fuller sound even over the R-51PM with the R-100SW subwoofer while still feeling clearer? Again, sorry about my terminology but I hope that makes sense. I'm still a newbie and just getting into this so I appreciate the help.
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