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  1. Control pod or one of the HF boards more than likely. The C4/302 cap blows frequently on these amp boards, but is easy to get at and replace. Should be a 471 cap IIRC.
  2. The 2.1 amps are pretty easy to repair/rebuild as needed. I have 4 sets of 2.1s currently, but have fixed another 3-4 on top of that. Can pick these up for 50$ or less used all day, and I do. Can usually find the sub/amp by itself used for 25-30ish too. Or look on ebaaay... there is a guy that sells upgraded boards for the 2.1s too. If you can work a soldering iron though, they are easy to fix.
  3. What you are seeing: 1 pair CF-4s 2 pairs CF-3s 1 pair KG-2.5s 1x KG-2.2v 1x KCS-c1 1x SW-15 series II
  4. So, I think I have a problem...
  5. Good call, I didnt even look at the SN
  6. Black tweet - likely v3s... and has some cabinet finish issues pointed out in pics. Should be easy to fix though.
  7. Well, the addiction is real. As of tonight, I will have a second set of CF-3 v2s to go with my CF-4 v3s. Just need a KV-4 or a KLF-c7 now 😃 All way overpriced from what I have seen. The only set that is reasonable is v3 with some cabinet damage. The rest are asking more than I paid for CF-4s...
  8. Funny you say that, a set of CF-3 v2s just popped up locally here in Tulsa, OK... I am heavily debating it 😃
  9. How much can these be overpowered? I also have a Samson sx3200 at my disposal, which will bump my wattage per cabinet from 300w to about 550w. I know these have an RMS of 300/250w respectively, and also a decent ceiling for a max (1500/1250w) but how much can they really take over a long period without risking damage, given how hard it would be to replace components? I'm no expert, but they still feel hungry with 300w.
  10. I now have the CF-3s alongside my AV stack and the CF-4s out about 3ft further to each side and towed in about 30 degrees. I would have never thought it to have this much impact, but swapping CF-4 and CF-3 positioning not just sounds, but FEELS like it has significantly increased my output. Seemingly, instead of the CF-4s cancelling out the CF-3s, they are encapsulating everything (center included) into an outright abusive sound stage. I can't even hear my 15" sub anymore. I love it. LOVE it.
  11. I want to keep all the Epics as Front L/R... plus my setup doesn't really fit well with a floor standing center, either. The 2x KG-2.2vs getting 100w each put out a lot of sound, but I feel like they are being totally outclassed by the Epics honestly. They have such a wide and immersive field of sound, I almost feel like pursuing a full surround setup might not even be worthwhile anymore to be quite honest.
  12. Hey guys! New owner of both a set of CF-4s (v3) and CF-3s (v2), both in satin black, and am currently running them off off a Marantz SR7400 receiver with a Samson s1000 powering the Epics at 300w per cabinet. Lots of experience with KG series and lower end Heresies, but this is feeling like it might just be my first forray into real Klipsch. Currently the Epics are my front sound stage with dual KG2.2v's handling center, and some KG 2.5's as surrounds and backs. Single SW-15 II for a sub. All I can say is these are breathtaking. I am no audiophile by any means, but the warmth and vibrancy these speakers put out are something you just don't hear much of anymore, and I am looking at ways to make it even better! Already scouring for either a KV-4 or a KLF-c7 for center duty, and maybe some CF-2s or KLH-10s to handle surround duties. Stands being planned. Cabinet bracing/sealing being planned. Horn masking will get done also, to knock down a little of the brightness of the tweets. Already have a loose dust cap on one of my CF4s also that presents a light buzz at 35-40hz that I need to fix.. I think my crossovers are in great shape, but may look at refreshing caps before long. You guys have a ton of great info in this thread, and I have taken the time to read every word, so many thanks for all of the great info! As far as my front staging with these 4 cabinets goes, would it be better to have the CF3s closer to center with the CF4s out wider, toed in, or the other way around? My room is approx 25x25ft, and 20 ft from front stage to my seated listening position.
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