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  1. Hello. I am looking for an orphan HBR Heresy 1 speaker box only. No drivers or crossover network needed. Thank you, Craig
  2. Thanks for the heads up about my post. I’ll be careful and aware when dealing with any offers on this.
  3. Hello. I am looking for one K-55-V midrange driver with K- 700 metal horn. I have a pair of mismatched Heresy 1’s and one of them has a K52H driver that I want to replace with a K 55 V. Thank you!
  4. A big thank you to everyone who has posted on this thread for helping me try to figure out what I have and what I need to do to try to make these Heresy’s the best they can be. Since this is the first time I have ever took the back off one of them.
  5. Thanks, that makes it easy to do. Then I can see what it sounds like after changing the capacitors on both of them.
  6. What exactly is reversing polarity mean ?
  7. Thank you all for your replies. Here are some more pics of the drivers that might help too. Thank you!!
  8. Hello. I recently picked up a pair of mismatched Heresy 1 speakers. One is from 1975 and the other one is from 1982. I took the backs off and the 1975 one has a type D crossover and the other one is type E. I want to replace the capacitors, but I am curious if the ones on the 1975 one are original or have been replaced at some point. They are dark brown and round with no markings.
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