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  1. Hi everyone, Do you think it would be ok if I put the floor standing R820F speakers on top of my entertainment center on the left and right of my screen? Or would it make more sense to replace them with a smaller bookshelf style speaker? I actually already have a pair of RP-600Ms that im using for my rear surrounds at the moment. Issue being is that there is not enough room on both sides of the entertainment center to have them far enough back, and generally for aesthetics. Any other suggestions please let me know. Below are the details of my current set up Pioneer VSX-834 AVR R-820F L&R RP-500C Center RP-600M Surrounds RP-500SA - Front Heights R-100SW - Sub
  2. Hi All, New to the forums here and wondering if I could get some advice. Just started putting together my home theater and purchasing speakers as I go. What does this group think I should upgrade or add first, not looking for top of the line, but decent mid-range set up for the basement. Floor plan is pretty open (about 20' x 28') with the theater contained one side. Ultimate goal is a 7.2.4 set up, however the receiver market is pretty rough, so I know ill be looking to replace that eventually. Below are the details of my current set up. AVR: Pioneer VSX-834 L&R: Klipsch R-820Fs Center: Klipsch RP-500C Side Surrounds: RP-600Ms Front Height: RP-500SAs Sub: R-100SW
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