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  1. Hello all. This is my first post and I’m in need of some help in diagnosing a potential problem with my klipsch speakers. I recently acquired a pair of Quartets on Facebook marketplace for $250. I fully intended on buying these as a project speaker to eventually fix up. Problems: -the cabinet is in rough shape. My grandpa has a nice wood shop where I plan to replace the veneer and fabricate stands. -there is only one original woofer. I have already spoken with klipsch and ordered a replacement (k-18 I believe). -the crossover looks messed up. I have no experience with repairing this and am worried that it will be expensive. There is a local vintage audio shop that does repairs, or I have JEM performance audio only 2 hours away. My main concern is the crossover. I’ve attached the pictures below. After some research it looks like the 40ohm 5 watt resistor is loose and has that black stain on the bottom. The speakers were demoed when I purchased them and I didn’t notice any glaringly obvious sound issues. I’m getting a receiver tonight (pioneer SA-7800) and will spend more time listening to the speakers to see if there’s even a problem I can notice. Any advice helps. Crossover2_closeup.HEIC
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