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  1. Refurbished… Denon has, right now, the x4700 refurb for $1499, x3700 $999, x2700 $699. All refurbished. Onkyo has the tx-rz50 refurbished for $1119, tx-nr797 $699, tx-nr6100 $639, etc Pioneer has the vsx-lx505 for $1199, vsx-lx305 $999, vsx-lx504 $799, vsx-lx304 $639 They don't stay on the sites for long. PS: To me manufacturer refurbs are better than new. They have been throughly checked and fixed whatever it was before selling those returns.
  2. I have the rc-52 ii center channel right now, i am thinking of upgrading to the r-34 c basically for aesthetics reason. Not for sound, I am happy with the sound of the 52. what do you guys think? My home theater is comprised of: rf-82 ii floors, rc-52 ii center, r-15m surrounds, sony upfiring atmos speakers, Yamaha sw-012 sub ( all I need, power is perfect for me), 65” Hisense Roku TV.
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