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  1. The only other receiver I have is a Technics SA-300, but that is hooked to a pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers out in my shop. Looks like I should start hunting for a backup receiver, then I can send the Marantz out. I bought the Marantz 15 years ago at a yard sale for $100. My audiophile friend years ago looked at it and said I got a deal, said it was an early production run, I think he called it a champagne. Something about the printing on it being embossed and not printed. All I know is it sounds great with the Klipsch corner horns. The Polk audio SDA-2 don’t even compare.
  2. I was talking to my guitar amp tech friend. He’s does not work on receivers but he suspects with the pop on shut off, that I have a capacitor(s) out of spec.
  3. Ok, I ended swapping in a pair of Polk Audio SDA-2 speakers and the problem persists ( Have to blip to volume on startup to get one speaker to work, and at shut down there is an audible pop) so it’s as you all predicted, it’s the Marantz. I have a gig tonight, but tomorrow I can investigate the internals of the marantz, deoxit contacts and pots. I have deoxit, but will need to attend some YT university to get some direction. Does anyone have a good link to a legit video on cleaning a Marantz? Thanks for all your help on this.
  4. Thank for the input folks, I will swap receivers tomorrow when I get home. I picked up another receiver I can swap out the Marantz with and test. I’ll report back when have the results. thanks again!
  5. Hello folks, My Klipsch corner horns seem to have a problem. I’ve had them for around 10 years, bought them, hooked them up, and simply enjoyed them. Now when I first turn on the receiver and play music after about 30 secs one of the speakers drops out, but not completely, just sounds scratchy and full of muted static sound. I have found if I blip the volume up to 5-7 very quickly then back down to listening volume of 1-2 it comes back alive and will be good till I shut down the system. I’ve noticed it’s not a scratchy volume pot, but seems to be associated with the amount of power I sent to the speaker. Just blipping the volume to 3-4 won’t do it. Also if I don’t mute the receiver before I shut it off a loud pop comes through the speakers at power off. Could these old korner horns need an upgrade of some sorts? How do I tell if is my receiver or the speakers? 1961 Klipscorns receiver is Marantz 2270
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