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  1. I am the OP. Just an update. I decided to go a completely different direction. I am using the the Luxman as an amp only. And I am using a Primaluna EVO 300 preamp. Sounds very good along with Bluesound Node streamer. And for now I'm still with the Focal 1028Be. When I get back to SPEAKERS they're going to be Magnepan LRS +. They're already on order. After some deep thinking I decided to get away from the super forward sound. I consulted with various dealers as well as a direct phone call to Magnepan. Because it is Class A, I have been told there will be enough sufficient current to drive the new Magnepan LRS +. A CRAZY long wait for them because of they are new---so we will see. Thanks to all!
  2. Yes it DOES matter. I am not against used. If you are dealing with a seller who seems reliable and trustworthy then used can be a really good way to go. But there is a lot that goes into the previous sentence. I'm in the Las Vegas area. First I'm going to have to find a dealer where I can demo some Heritage line. Have not found such dealer in this immediate area, but if I have to take a trip to the LA area then maybe this fall I will.
  3. I finally figured it out on the "system" side of things. So to answer the question: I'm running 2 systems. I have a surround for movies/tv/sports etc. and a 2 channel (with sub) for music. The surround is very good for it's size/cost. A medium/entry level Marantz AV receiver, Buchardt S400 front, JBL center, and wireless Audioengine speakers for rear. I use a Sony 4K Blue Ray player for movies and occasional quick music track. . More than good. The music is on a completely different track: the Luxman 590AX, Focal 1028Be, Oppo 93 DVD/CD player, Blue Note streamer, Nakamichi Dragon cassette player. Nothing in the line would be considered weak, but I think the Focal's are putting a strain on the integrated amp. So, I'll start my "hunting."
  4. Thank You!! To All who replied. Yes, I have the 590AX and it's rated at 30wpc. Actually seems more than sufficient for power. But---I think it's working too hard. I fully expected it to get hot after a long time. But it will also shut down after about an hour and a half. The volume knob is at the eleven o'clock position. If I can get the sound correct I think the amp will probably last a long time. The impedance and sensitivity of the Focal 1028Be lead me to believe the amp is working too hard especially at higher sound levels. I'm not trying to run a rock concert or something crazy. But at the medium high level I feel it's not doing it as effortlessly as it could be I'm looking at speakers in the Heritage line that approach and sometimes pass 100db for sensitivity. The Focal's are sweet, but I've heard more dynamic sound in other speakers. And I will look at the Forte IV...
  5. Yep, Wuzzzer I think you may have hit it on the head. THAT'S what I was speaking/thinking of. So if newer generation is more laid back then I guess you'd have to characterize the Heritage line as much more forward? I'm just going on distant memory. I haven't heard them in quite a while. Years in fact. But I think if I can possibly get a pair of Corwalls or Forte's in my living room I'm going to. I'm concerned about listener fatigue. I just didn't want to go on a wild goose chase. It's such a trial and error mission. 😞
  6. THANKS FOR THE WELCOME!!! I'm looking at the Reference line. The 5000, 6000, 8000. Even the ones with Atmos builtin or easy attachment. I of corse realize the sound will not be the same, but do any of these have the Klipsch signature? Just wondering how much of a "horn" sound I can expect. I have a Luxman 590AX receiver. It Is Beautiful. Looks and sounding. Right now it's running Focal 1028Be. Nice, but I'm looking at Klipsch because of more sensitivity---to be able to listen late at night at a lower volume. Plus I've always liked that sound. Thanks!
  7. If this is not the topic area YOU can direct me to another... I am wondering what (if any) of the newer, modern Klipsch floor standing speakers are close to or even surpass the typical Klipsch Heritage sound. Do any of the Reference towers sound anything like the classic Klipsch? You realize it is difficult now days to hear systems side by side. So most of the time you don't know until you get the speakers home. And, even if the store has a good return policy, it is quite cumbersome to go thru the reboxing and shipping--then waiting for a refund. So while no method is perfect, it's much better to at least start toward the better end. Thanks for ALL OPINIONS.
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