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  1. I'm not really sure, I'm really new to good sounding audio. I posted my tale in the 2 channel section but long story short I stumbled into some used khorns and I'm hooked on great sound now. The movie room doesn't have the corners for them so they are staying in the living room I currently have a probably 10 year old Yamaha rx-v375 receiver, a entry level Polk package 5.1 setup and a 70 inch QLED Samsung that we stream to using a Chromecast. My plans were to probably stick with 5.1 for the time being and start to pick away at the components individually. I'd like to go for broke (broke in my case being under $2000) center channel speaker because I'm tired of voices getting lost in the mix. Then find some nice floor standing front channels, then get a much nicer receiver. It just so happens that a set of chorus's and RF7s have come up on marketplace near me this week for less than I see either for on eBay and much much less than new. The sub goes woof and the rear channels don't seem to contribute a lot so they are of lesser importance to me right now. Edit: for clarity
  2. I'm wondering what the opinion is of using heritage speakers as the left and right fronts of a AV setup are. I ask because I'm in dire need of an upgrade for my setup (currently using some entry level Polk floorstanders) and there's a set of RF7s and Chorus IIs for sale both in 9/10 shape and the chorus set is $300 cheaper.
  3. Yeah my partner also pointed that out. Ill shop around some. Right now the plan is just to take everyones advice and just live with them for a while. We are starting to notice some peculiarities. Having the speakers make us feel like we are ON a rooftop with the beatles or shake the room with bass on a flowrida track is incredible but somehow Freddie Mercury sounds like hes is singing to us through a tin can with a string (an exaggeration but it was not good). All from recordings that are of equal quality according to the app so that makes me feel like im excited for the crossovers to come so i can see if that makes a difference or if i need to start tracking down possible issues.
  4. Ill do just that this weekend. Thank you for the advice, i truly appreciate it!
  5. Half of the first floor is open room design. The ceilings are also exposed joist and almost 20 feet tall at the center. If anything it seems like a sort of ideal room for speakers of this nature to breathe and fill the space. I suspect the seating is a little off from the sweet spot and could used to be backed up another 2-3 feet but theres a kitchen island in the way and im not sure i know the difference anyway. Like i said this is truly a first foray into quality sounding music.
  6. He just sold me one 30 foot length and i cut and installed the wires myself. The streamer and amp sit right next to the left speaker and the other speaker sits about 22 feet away. Id just take a picture but with the room layout its impossible to get both speakers in frame. My partner owns some vinyl inherited from her parents but the only turn table we have is a all in one unit with the speaker built in and no outputs. Both of us are aged of the CD generation and have extensive collections of those though no CD player exists in the house at this point either and a Alexa in the kitchen has been the sole provider of music for the last 5-6 years. Currently we just stream amazon HD.
  7. I have a pretty good seal right now, someone at some point of the speakers journey had the side grills customized to their baseboard and mine are not an exact match but the cutouts are pretty darn close so the only gaps that exist are in those cuts. Bass was surprising to say the least in how low and hard it hits from speakers that look like they should be much more comfortable playing Bach than Biggy. The only issue ive been able to hear really is on modern tracks if theres a bunch of very low but fast bass hits it sounds like maybe its not keeping up like they wash together? not really my type of music anyway but weve been playing everything just to see. The speaker wire im using is whatever the local shop had. Its 14ga "tributaries" brand and was what he recommended. One run is 3 feet the other is 25 feet. I wasnt sure if having the wires equal distance was important in some way and the wire was not the cheapest at between 2 and 3 bucks a foot so they currently arent equal lengths, is that something i should change?
  8. I'll say I really appreciate your comment. It's pure naivety on my part honestly. After hearing the speakers and starting to ask around online about them I was promptly informed that my original AA crossovers were well past their expiration date (if I'm reading the serial number right my khorns are from '76) and that left me in a weird place because to me they sounded absolutely stunning but I believed it because I've never even seen capacitors that look like miniature spam cans before. The price of those replacements that I'm waiting on was more than I had paid for the amp and streamer combined, both chosen simply because a YouTube channel (cheapaudioman) had highly recommended them. Tube amps were continually brought up as a good pairing and the only local sound shop pointed me in the direction of a mc275, that while being absolutely stunning is very out of the question from a price perspective right now and at the same time convinced me that my wonderful little AXR must not be up to snuff. The truth is I love the setup how it is, after hearing Eric Clapton 4000 days straight on construction jobsite radios I feel like I actually heard him for the first time last week. I sat in stunned silence for an hour last night while my partner played the nutcracker. I'm thankful to you all for casting my concerns aside where they belong, for decent advice from YouTube and for 50 year old miniature spam cans still doing their best for the time being.
  9. Thank you all for what im sure is the best actual advice of just enjoying what i have for a while. Im enjoying all my music in a new and fantastic way and probably just got ahead of myself a bit. I appreciate all of the replies, enthusiasm and support. Thanks for the welcome to the community!
  10. So long story short, id never really been into Hifi till a few weeks ago when i got a pair of Klipschorns at a estate sale. I had planned on just flipping them but after jamming them into the corners of my living room room and listening to them fill the walls and high ceilings with such incredible music i was totally hooked. I nabbed a bluesound 2i and a Cambridge AXR100 off marketplace for a steal and got a pair of rebuilt AA crossovers on the way. My question is is it criminal to push these amazing speakers with such an entry level amp? Can i see another jump in performance with a budget of maybe 2k? where do i start and are there any recommendations?
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