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  1. On the Klipsch support website it says: Note: When a powered subwoofer is connected to the Fives, there is an automatic 80 Hz high-pass filter applied to those speakers, as well as an 80 Hz low-pass filter applied to the subwoofer output. Because of this, Klipsch recommends turning the crossover (low-pass) knob to LFE. At the crossover nob for the R-100SW there is no LFE setting. Where should I place the nob? After playing around with the crossover nob I have the feeling that its function is disabled when the The Five Mclaren Speakers are connected. Is that true?
  2. I bought the R-100SW. I will use it for a while. If they don't satisfy then I upgrade to the SPL-100SW. I didn't do my homework before purchasing. If I would have seen the evaluations below I would have right away gone with the SPL. https://www.vergleich.org/klipsch-subwoofer/
  3. I just bought The Fives McLaren Edition speakers. To add more bass I am considering to buy a matching subwoofer. But I have no idea which Klipsch subwoofer would be a good match for The Fives McLaren Edition speakers. I want to use the setup primarily to listen to music in a 15m2 room. I want the bass experience for the music to be as good as with the speakers. I will also connect the system to my TV but I don’t need a blow-away sound experience with the TV. I can live without ultra low bass. I would guess that a 10 inch subwoofer would be sufficient. On the Klipsch website on the The Fives McLaren Edition page I believe I can see the SPL-100SW next to the The Fives McLaren Edition speakers. So that may be one choice. Another choice might be the R-100SW. Just purely from the technical standpoint, which subwoofer would be the best match for the The Fives McLaren Edition?
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