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  1. Hello Travis thank you for the help, i am in Civitanova Marche, Marche ,center Italy, if you will go in Italy you can easily ship them from a post office directly to me, i could pay the crossover components and i can pay the discomfort that i create for you , it will take only 20 minutes even less to ship them, you will be doing to me a big favor Soo i will have Klipsch certified crossover,tell me if it's okay for you i will write you via private message, thanks!!!!
  2. ah ok! i didnt understand it then, https://www.costruireaudio.com/crossover/condensatori/condensatori-mkt-250v-5-poliestere/ you mean this one polyester, they are very cheap , thanks!!
  3. Thank you everyone for the help! I will make this list and buy everything! Thanks for the link too !you really did too much for me ahah here is the order, i did found the 12uf instead of getting the 6.8/4.7/1.5 together, its cheaper this is for the AA
  4. Thank you very much for all your suggestions, i have decided to do the AA crossover, as for making it i will try to get some help from a friend, i still can't find the inductor that dean said i have to to get
  5. Yes i was seeing that i get free shipping for 50 euro, i have the original A , i could go for it, or make the AA do i need only caps? Thank you , i was asking this because it cost me the same, because I don't reach the free shipping with the A crossover as they need less components
  6. I've added to the cart 2 6.8 uF, 2 1uF, 2 4.7uF, 2 1.5uf Am i missing something for the AA CROSSOVER? Thanks man this way is way way cheaper
  7. I contacted jem audio and the price are to expensive to ship here in Italy sadly,like crazy expensive
  8. will wait the price from jem audio, then if its not possible i will try this russian seller
  9. we will see what JEM says 😁 then if not i could go this route
  10. Thank you for all the response, ive read that the AA crossover it was built to protect the delicate tweeter , soo it can handle more watts if im not mistaken, i have 2 parasound jc1 monoblocks , they have unlimited power , it could be a good idea
  11. i still dont know what to buy ahahah, too much technical information here, but i am happy that the thread evolved in this,anyway i don't believe in expensive capacitators, i looked out the dayon's but if somebody could help me find something more appropriate here in the EU i appreciate the help
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