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About Me

Location: Northwest, USA
Musical Favorites and Preferences: Dire Straits, Ultravox, Simple
Minds, Phil Collins,.. Totally 80's
Turntable: 1977 JVC JL-A40 Professional Turntable
Cartridge: Shure Vintage
Tuner: Motu M4 Interface ADC / DAC
Digital Front End: ONKYO CD Player Silver C-7030
Analog Front End:
1992 Nakamichi Dragon Auto Azimuth Recorder
1981 Nakamichi ZX-7 Auto Azimuth Recorder
1978 Teac A-4300 SX 7 inch Reel Recorder Auto Reverse
1980 Teac A-4300SX 7 inch Reel Recorder Auto Reverse
1982 Nakamichi BX-2 2-Head 4-Track, 2-Channel
1988 Nakamichi CR-2A 2-Head 4-Track, 2-Channel
1990 Pioneer CT-M6R 6-Cassette Multi Changer 2-Head 4- Track, 2-Channel
Equalization - 1980 MXR 1/3 Octave Stereo Modified 6N1 Tube Signal Output (analog)
Processor -1980 MXR Dynamic Expander Model #132 (analog)
1980 Audio Research SP8 Tube Preamp
2022 Fkuxion AL-280M Tube Preamp (analog)
Fluxion LV-14 300b Integrated PP Tube Amp (main)
A-50 300b Integrated SET Tube Amp - Modified cathode, preamp w/ Hasimoto 99% Copper OT (main backup)
1982 Perreaux PMF-1150B Mosfet Amp (2nd main player)
1981 Sony STR-V55 Receiver Amp (2nd main recording)
2020 Primaluna EVO 200 Integrated Tube Amp
Headphone System: 70's Telefunken TH 600
Speaker System:
1988 Rauna Balder (Main) 85 watts 100 db heavy modified Tower / 1995 Klipsch KG-3.5 80 watts 94db Tower / 1994 Vienna Acoustic Bach (Recording Station Floor Monitor)
Tower Speaker Cables: Monoprice 12 Awg with Sewelle Banana Plugs
Interconnects: Belden 8412 20 AWG with Switchcraft 3502AAU Longbody RCA Male Nickel / Gold
Music Media System:
Sandisk Gold Extreme Transfer USB (digital)
2-TB Samsung EVO (digital)
Cassette Tapes NAC, TDK, Maxell Chrome, Ferri-Chrome, High Position miles of tapes (analog)
Room Size:
19' x 17' feet - 324 sq-ft. (recording)
30' x 20' feet - 600 sq-ft (main)

6C33C-B amp sound video






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