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  1. Thank you all! I think I'm going to sit on them for a bit. I know I'd miss them.
  2. I recently downsized and am considering selling my Chorus II pair. I'm the second owner. I'm willing to sit on them, but current house doesn't allow me to actually enjoy them. I'm pretty sure they were finished in '96. I'm the second owner since '03. They have run off either a McIntosh solid state or tube amp, depending on what I was listening to. The cases are in great shape. The screens could use a good clean. I opened them up a few years ago and cleaned everything out and looked for connection issues and dry rot. All good. If you're unfamiliar with this speaker, they're really quite versatile. They can through a wall of sound of that's your thing, but can also stage a depth of sound for more intricate music. I will say, their peak performance depends on optimal placement within the corners of the room. So, audiophiles...suggestions on market price? Or should I just sit on them for a few years?
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