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  1. thank to everybody. In fact the room was too small for a pair of Cornwalls but I would have put them in a room just a little bigger so I gave up 😟 . And now i don't know what to look for!!
  2. @mustang_flht I heard the CRB '82 yesterday. They were hooked up to two 12w tube power amps, a nice feeling.... needless to say. The seller was very kind and helpful but I got scared for one thing: they screamed! The listens I remembered with CIII and Forte III were more "sweet". Surely you can't make a comparison (different amp, source, ambient) but, this and the fact that the speakers, while being perfect for the drivers and all the electronic parts, have some slight chips and stains, made me give up. I think I will look for CIII if only to have a safer resale
  3. Wow what a great forum this is!! Thank you very much! @Klipschguy, @OO1 and @jcn3 This weekend I will listen to them and hopefully I'm pretty sure they will become my new main system speakers!!
  4. @jcn3 thanks but they are not mine...I want to buy them!! 😃
  5. @OO1 thanks a lot for your answers. So, the 1982 is not a great year ? The driver inside the speakers what I looking for are: K-33-E K-51-V (Alnico, right?) K-77-M network B2
  6. @geoff. and @OO1 thanks for your answers. So the better sound of C III worth 1000 euros....and I can't hear both (si, troppo lontani!) what a big dilemma!! 😃
  7. Hi everyone. This is my first post, so I thank all the forum participants in advance. I know it's a question that has already found answers in many other places on the internet, but I want ask also on the reference forum!! I found some Cornwall CBR year 82, in excellent condition with everything OK (network, drivers, woods....) for 2000 euros (I'm from Italy). For 3000 euros I can get Cornwall 3 in good condition too. In your opinion, is the difference in sound quality worth the 1000 euros? I would prefer the historic CBRs but, in addition to loving a historical heritage to such an extent that I make great sacrifices to buy them, I also like listening to music well. In short, do I have to choose between history and best sound quality or is great sound quality also in history? (CBR) Thanks in advance
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