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  1. Yes, cabs are bigger in Tangents. Good to know what I have and what options I have. Whether approved or not approved by someone… thanks!
  2. Good to know, thanks for the hint. Then let's try differently. There was an upgrade from Heresy II to Heresy III. As Tangents have same internals as Heresy II, what would be the benefit of the upgrade to Heresy III in Tangents? The P/N was 1006972 but it seems its out of stock everywhere... So is there an "authorised" way of upgrading T400s / H2s?
  3. I always value the view of others as this allows me te make an educated decission rather than follow the gut feeling (which sometines is aligned in the end). critesspeakers.com have sets to rebuild the xo. I can get them on eBay (easier for me) as well, should I go for it?
  4. I like T400s as they are, just don’t like the color. So while I’m there it’s easier for me to glue a panel with veneer made at panel shop than plain veneer. Why don’t sell them, maybe because why I bought them? These were within my budget and I’m DIY guy, so it’s not a challenge for me to modify those to my taste. And they sound nice, so why bother… Especially here in Europe where I’m based, in Poland exactly, there is not much in the aftermarket available, and surely I’m not in a budget for a set of new ones.
  5. Well if I was to do it right, then I’d draw the panels in CAD and made them CNC cut. But then these are no longer Klipsch Tangent 400 right? I have to many side projects in my life and a family with 2 sons (4yo and 5months old) to keep up. I try to maximise the effect and minimise the effort where possible, as I still need some time to sleep
  6. Thank you guys. Yes, the plan is to have full size grill with a vintage cloth. I think I will make the panels extend like 1/2 of inch forward and fit the grill within that „new” frame. I expect 1/2 mdf or plywood is more than enough and should create nice proportional front frame for the grill. Adding panels that I will order covered with veneer on a glue’n’play basis seems least time consuming. At the same time I don’t have to take any serious measurments (again time) nor draw anything in CAD to get things cut properly. So for the time being I will try to stick to the plan of framing the cabs within new panels in bottom/top/sides… But what about the back? Should I also put a panel there to make back more stiff? Or just focus on the look…? These sound nice. I have NAD 304 Amp that I replaced all the caps and resistors in the audio lane. Sound is nice and clear (especially I do like the drums’ sound on these Tangents). At the same time there is no magic happening. Just a correct sounding speakers. I read the cabs are not that rigid, just as you mentioned above. Otherwise I would just keep them as they are (just change color / veneer). Thanks for your opinions. Konrad
  7. Hi Guys, First thank you for keeping all those discussions going. I've read recently quite a lot of topics regarding what to do and what to not do with the speakers (or cabs to be precise) and got confused. Yesterday I bought a set of Tangent 400s. The PO upgraded them with CD76TiM Titanium Tweeter Diaphragm (I got the original ones as well). Listened to them for about two hours with my amp and DAC (DSD/DSF/FLAC24) and decided I will take them, but will need to work on them as they are in a very sad black color and scratched here and there. My plan is to get new plywood or MDF panels covered with veneer to oak or so (light) color and glue them to the sides and bottom to make them look nicer and also to make the cabs more robust. I've read quite a few discussions about reinforcement brackets inside the cabs and decided not to go for that, but as I want the cabs to look nicer anyway I can strengthen the cabs with an extra layer of MDF or plywood on the outside (not changing any space inside the cab that way). It will be also less work just to glue those panels to the cabs from the outside than remove the black finish and cover with veneer alone. I was thinking to glue these panels using some silicone/rubber based glue to add some additional damping at the same time. So this above is strictly mechanical. As I can solder I was also thinking about replacing all the capacitors inside - I expect that to be a good idea, right? Read that the internals are exactly same as Heresy II, which are higher price tag anyway, but Heresy's cabs are more solid, therefore the Tangents are considered lower quality ones. But If I can make the cabs more solid, these should be nicer, right? What do you think about my plan? Any pros/cons of those my ideas you can see? Any hints? Many thanks for your input. Konrad
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