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  1. Thanks for the post, I think I am following…. Could they be Cornwall 1.5, just before the 2 came out. Clearly drivers have been swapped and that’s fine, just trying to determine which drivers, if any, are original? or which drivers I should seek out…?
  2. Good day folks, a while back I started a thread in a pair of Cornwall’s (minus woofers) that showed up in my shop. Since then, I have ordered and received the K33e woofers and determined they were a Gen 1 Cornwall but was unable to find a serial number anywhere. I finally started at the Cornwall’s the other day, I decided I was going to give the cabs another coat of Duratech and replace the insulation. So I removed the drivers and When I was pulling out the old blankets I found the original invoice under a blanket and yes, it has the serial numbers, can anyone tell me more about theses particular speakers? also, I noticed I have two different klipsch tweeters, can anyone tell me which is original or “better”…? A friend has a spare square one and would trade for my round one which would give me a matching set but, I would rather the “better” tweeter if there is even a difference? it looks like my mid drivers are different but both the same part number, one has an aftermarket wire connecting it to the XO. Again, any difference, in the two drivers? Unusual to see two different in a set of speakers? Should I seek out another mid? XO look great, plan is just to bench check and if it passes, use as is for now before deciding on which road to go down with regards to tweaks… sound good?
  3. Hey folks, thanks again for all the reply’s. I will be soon starting another thread as I move forward on the restoration. Before I do thought I would share some unfortunate news, my K33e woofers arrived today…. One was dented on outer ring at screw hole and the other had a considerable amount of light surface scratches on the back for a new woofer. I reached out to seller and they immediately replied concerned. Anyway, long story short, not a big deal and waiting to see how it plays out. I’m not too concerned as I am not ready to install the woofers at the moment anyway. Cheers
  4. I appreciate the info! I will come across the serial number soon. I think I will atleast sand down to expose raw birch cabs then decide if I; leave as is, paint black again or veneer.
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