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  1. I am loving the Heresies, but I see talk about upgrading the speakers. I currently am only vaguely interested in this topic, but what would I, or what would be the expected gain from doing this? I really can't see a need for any improvement, but if someone has done it....What happened? Thanks in advance. TD
  2. Thanks for the welcome guys. I purchased my first Horn and Klipsch, the H4 and once I got the placement of the 4's,and the sub and the break in, I'm loving it. The detractors on line are hilarious.
  3. Why does anyone care about thread being dead? So strange to me. If I am looking for answers I dont care how old the thread is. I dont skip dead threads. Whenever I find the thread, it is new to me and anyone else that comes across the thread after it stops gaining additional comments. So weird...
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