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  1. That was great info, thanks! I have had them all since the early 80's, Khorns, La Scala, Cornwalls and cheap Best Buy Klipsch spkrs (junk). Just sold my beloved La Scalas due to downsizing and felt these would do the trick. First set of Heresy's but have heard plenty over the years, $400.00 for the pair in pristine condition, sounds like I did well. Briefly did a test run with Hotel California, I must say the bass is TIGHT and punchy and that is a good thing May need to get some sort of angled platform to go under them.
  2. I just purchased two Heresy in black with original document envelope still attached to the back. Bought from original owner trying to figure out the year Looks like sn are 595378 and 595379, any help would be great.
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