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  1. Thank you jcn3 and JohnA for answering my questions, they really helped clearing things up. Klipsch Heresy-I Year: 1975 Wood Type: BR Tweeter Type: K-77 Mid-Range Type: K-55-V Woofer Type: K-22 Crossover Type: E
  2. Never would have thought, thanks for explaining that. Now I better understand JohnA's concern about identity theft.
  3. Thanks again 001. If that's the case, I imagine that the speaker grills are probably from 1979 too. Some last questions if I may... After researching the reference data page that was kindly pointed out, I'm a bit confused for it reads that the "K-24 woofer was substituted for the K-22 in 1983-1984." As you you can see, these speakers do have K-24's. So could it be that the logo badges are correct for that time period, or am I interpreting that information wrong? Secondly, what do the etching "DR" & "LS" on the woofer refer to and is doing so a common practice. Third, are the serial numbers 17N159 and 171N169 considered sequential even though they're off by 10-digits? Lastly, does anybody have an idea what type of wood these cabinets are? My guess is that they're oil rubbed stained oak. However the front face, and please correct me if I'm wrong, resembles a mahogany veneer. Sorry for the questions, but without the manufacturer labels attached, there's little to go by, so please share your thoughts. Klipsch Heresy-I Year: 1975 Wood Type: ? Tweeter Type: K-77 Mid-Range Type: K-55-V Woofer Type: K-22 Crossover Type: E
  4. Sorry, didn't know what the name meant and was not aware there's a serial number. Thank you for all the helpful info Cornwalls, BillyBob, Travis, and 001 ...obviously I have much to learn.
  5. Hi, I have a pair of Heresy speakers and I'm having trouble identifying them. There are no manufacturer stickers, just the word USA , and 17N159 and 171N169 engraved in the wood in back of each cabinet. Also, both the horn and woofer are etched with numbers and the name Craig ******, if that means anything. Please refer to photos. Thank you for the opportunity and I greatly appreciate any help.
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