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  1. Thanks for all your thoughts. I am still away from home so cannot check squawker and tweeter yet. But I think it is very likely that it is a T500 then... And the H2 crossover should not be completely inappropriate... As far as a possible recap is concerned: would you recommend changing the 68mF bipolar only or should I replace the 1.5MFs, too? Since these are PP/PET types they should still be good, correct?
  2. He swears that all components are from pair of Tangent 5000s that had a damaged cabinet. I will try to open them and check in detail as soon as I can...
  3. Hi! I am looking for advice on adjusting or improving the crossover network in my newly acquired DIY - Fortes. The guy I bought them from is quite a talented woodworker an created some nice cabinets with Forte dimensions to use the components of a pair of Tangent 5000s (with the passive radiator in the back as in the original Fortes) Upon closer inspection I found the speakers to have Heresy 2 / H2 crossovers installed. The also use the K-24 woofer (have not checked the other drivers yet). The seller of these still seems to be an honest person to me, so I am quite sure that he is convinced that all the components in the new speakers came from T-5000s which he received with damaged cabinets. First question: did some T-5000s use a K-24 woofer and a H2 - crossover? The sound seems to be a little unbalanced with a bass that is not too precise or undefinded and it seems to have an issue in the transition between bass and midrange (midrange does not seem to be as clear as it should). Second question: how would you adjust the crossover values to improve the sound, i.e. adjusting the existing drivers more to their new Forte cabinet? I have already compared the crossover schematics from the T-5000s, the H2 and the Forte and I am confused. Unfortunately I do not have an adjustable autoformer to try different taps and they are too expensive for me nowadays. Any ideas would be highly appreciated. Thanks. Marc
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