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  1. I first did it with Audyssey. As a result, I discovered that I barely got any sound from the sub. therefore a factory reset. after this manual setup was done. the test tone made the sub come to life, but after that it was nothing again. so the sub just works. What happens if I plug the plug into subwoofer output 2 and it indicates that I have 2 subwoofers while this is not the case?
  2. Front +2 dB Center +1,5 dB Rear + 2dB Subwoofer 0,0 dB. If i raise the dB for the sub it don't make af difference
  3. I don't quite understand you with output levels. do you mean dB?
  4. I upgraded from a Denon AVR-X2500H to an AVC-X3800h. speaker setup front r820f center r504c Surround r51m subwoofer r120sw Previously I got decent bass from the R120SW. almost nothing now. I have my front and center set to 80hz. Surround at 120hz. subwoofer connected to LFE. gain at 40% crossover on the subwoofer on LFE. crossover subwoofer via denon at LFE and 120hz. what am I doing wrong?
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