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  1. Is it better to switch to a single high range a/v unit or go with a preamp, surround sound processor and a tunner. Music from my yamaha even when in two channel is unclear. Investigating Rotel and Denon. Any recomendations?
  2. The system sounds cheap and unclear. Is this amp underpowered for music. Movies don't sound bad except rear sound is very weak.
  3. My system receiver yamaha rxv480 front speakers cornwalls center kv-3 rear kg-5 woffer definitive powerfield 15
  4. While watching a dvd, I can hear music or tv signals through my sub woffer. I have checked all the connections. There isn't a ground on the 110v plug. Does this matter? Open to any suggestions.
  5. I have two cornwallS which sounded great until I replaced the Onkio amp with a yamaha surround sound amp rxv480. Now music sounds awful. Can someone recomend a good mid range surround sound amp for my cornwalls. CURRENT SYSTEM FRONT SPEAKERS KLISPCH CORNEWALLS. CENTER SPEAKER KLIPSCH KV-3 REAR SPEAKERS KLIPSCH KG-5 WOOFER DEFINITY POWERFIELD 15 RECEIVER YAMAHA RXV 480
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