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  1. I was in the Myrtle Beach, SC Best Buy last week looking for a new wireless router. We don't have Best Buy near me in WV and when I saw a Klipsch demo set up I wanted so listen to it since this was the first time I've ever heard these speakers. Things did not go good. Description: There was a touch screen so I could choose demos in 5.1, 3.1 and 2.0 Other choices were between 10" and 12" subs. The only adjustment was volume, no tone controls. The touch screen did not respond at all when I first tried it. I had to find a salesman and it didn't work for him either until he took a rag and wiped the screen. He claimed it was "dust" that kept it from working. There were icons where I could choose short Music or Movie demos. I didn't notice any prices. This wasn't the actual store, but the shelvling looked like this: I'm not sure what speakers I was listening to because they were not clearly marked. The right side floor stander was missing, left speaker only. It had a pair of 8" drivers. The center speaker hit me about belly button level. The surrounds looked like 5" drivers. They were to the outside and directly beside the L/F speakers, all sitting on floor divider 5 foot wall and placed on shelves. There was a similar floor divider 3 feet away behind me. My Experience: I listened via a Music icon on the touch screen and I didn't know any of the songs. The sound was a muddy mess in the mid range and there was not much of a HF sound. Obviously it didn't help the right side speaker was gone. I started in 5.1 and it was almost un-listenable on the open floor. I switched to 3.1 and the speakers were still muddy sounding. I didn't bother with 2.0 since there was only one speaker. Believe it or not switching between the 10" and 12" subs was a good experience. The sound difference was noticeable between them and I thought both subs sounded pretty good, the 12" model just sounded louder, more full. I had to find a salesman to help me get the touchscreen working. He was young, very pleasant and helpful. He was very neutral in helping me. He did not make speaker or music suggestions, nor did he point me towards any other speaker demos. There was also a Sony 5.1 w/AVR setup and a Polk setup all beside one another in the same place. I didn't listen to either one. Suggestions: I would have liked it if I had a music demo with exposed male voice, female voice. The demos had too much rock and roll so I couldn't tell if it sounded good or not. I would also have liked to have heard a demo with some jazz and classical. Overall: I would not have purchased based on what I heard. It just didn't sound very good. The setup of the speakers all beside each just did not sound good, and there was a LOT of ambient noise from the store so it was hard to do any critical listening. +++ Comments? Has anybody else tried one of those Klipsch pre-assembled demos?
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