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Found 2 results

  1. The Set-Up So, I just made the switch from the pathetic world of sound-bars and switched 😎 to A/V Receiver + x2 (Klipsch's RP-8060FA) Floor-standing Speakers (R/L - 150W RMS / 600W Peak) + (x1 (75W RMS/300W Peak) Center Speaker + x2 (45W RMS) Surround Back (R/L) speakers + x1 (150W) 10" Sub [taken from the Klipsch Reference Cinema Bundle]). All of my speakers from by Klipsch. We are going to use the system for both movies and music. Challenge: I'm looking for a solid A/V Receiver to connect my entire system to, utilizing the full capabilities of the speakers, but also being smart and cost effective. Right now, I'm thinking about getting the Denon X3700H + getting a 200W amp to connect the pre-out of the Denon receiver to. And all of these speakers are going to be connected using 16 gauge OFC wire and banana plugs. My Questions: What's the most cost effective, high-quality approach to accomplishing this? Is the Denon X3700H Receiver the right way to go? What amp should I purchase? Is there anything else I should think about investing into to that can enhance the performance of my system? Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated! Disclaimer: I'm super green into this field right now (like, 2 days in - 2 calls to Klipsch customer support and several YouTube videos of knowledge now).
  2. Everybody wants dynamics and clarity in their systems. What have you done to get closer to live music? I do not believe i can ever get to the realism of live music, only closer for sure. While giving my daughter away in a marriage ceremony this past week in Queens, I visited a Jazz club in Manhattan. The band played Caribbean Jazz. The female singer was from Port Au Prince and unforunately, the bands name has left me for now. The band was made up of piano, keyboard, trumpet, drums, two saxiphone players and of course the female band leader. I sat about 20 feet back centered to the band. An excellant location for listening. Also, behind the band was about a 150 foot glass wall where the NYC landscape could be observed while dusk turned to night. Any poster you have seen does not do justice to this view. The sound was real and the dynamics were amazing. While the music ranged from interesting to pretty good to most outstanding, I realized I was getting my ears retuned to what live sound actually sounds like. I am looking for ideas. I'm usually slow to change equipment because you do not always get the changes you expect when doing so. Plus the ole "Your Mileage May Vary" is so true. Hence my question to the listening music lovers of the Klipsch Forum. Presently, my 2 Channel system is fundamentally outstranding (my opinion). I run a turntable (with phono preamp) or a CD player through an Intact Audio volume control transformer (passive setup) which takes care of the clarity aspect. Followed by the signal being fed to EV DX38 and on to two Crown D75A amplifers and then to my Jubilee speakers with Faital drivers in the upper horns. Turning up the volume and removing amplifier gain limitations of the amps I believe has helped bring the realism closer, but it is not what I heard at the club. So, what do you think? Thanks
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