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  1. I've been active on this forum for a little while now, but I realised I've never really properly introduced myself yet. So let me herby try to make up for that: My name's Laszlo and I'm from the Netherlands. Unfortunately not a country where Klipsch speakers are as abundant as say, in the US. The prices I see second hand Klipsch Heritage speakers go for in the US as compared to in the Netherlands, makes me cry a little inside, actually. $250,- for a set of as-new cherry Hersy 2s? Man, I was lucky to find a set of H2s on a Dutch second-hand site a few weeks ago, because they don't pop up that often. Paid € 575,- for them, but I'm happy to have them. I really wanted ones with a nice wood veneer finish, but these were black ones (hey, beggars can't be choosers.) Maybe one day I'll sand them down to reveal the wood veneer beneath, as I suspect there is, under the black paint. Funny, I've had B&W speakers for many years, cdm7nt and cdm9nt consecutively. Played them with a Classé CAP-80 integrated and it sounded pretty smooth, but to me the music never really "came alive," so to speak. Later tried a Krell KAV-300i integrated with the cdm9nt and despite that amp having more punch and power, I still kinda missed a kind of "liveliness" to the sound. A friend of mine had a pair of Yamaha NS-144 speakers and although not as advanced as my B&W speakers at the time, they always seemed to sound WAY more dynamic than my set, especially with rock music. So I went on a search for a good "rock" speaker and after a google search I came across a review of the Heresy 3 that made me very interested about this speaker. I really became curious as to what all the hype was about. Realizing I couldn't afford a new set of H3s I went on the lookout for a set of H2s. I still had my Classé CAP-80 laying around and this seemed to be a good combo with the H2s. It never had the power to bring my B&Ws to life as I wanted, but combined with the H2s, it's a whole different story! Where say, a snare drum on the Classé/B&W combo always seemed to sound a little "limp-wristed" (pardon the expression), you can now practically feel the impact of the "smack." Think "PANG!" instead of "puh.." The music comes "alive" instead of just being "played back." While not as advanced or refined as the B&Ws and having substantially less bass (the only thing I'm really missing in the B&Ws absence) I feel like I've finally gained something that's sorely been missed in my musical enjoyment for a long time.
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