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  1. I wonder if anyone has had the chance yet to compare them to the old Forté IIs. I assume the III would be a significant upgrade to the II but I'm just curious if there are any specific areas where the IIIs really stand out compared to the IIs.
  2. They sure fit your interior nicely! I imagine they sound great too.
  3. Interesting to hear your first impressions! Is there any change in tonal balance with the ALK crossovers?
  4. I'm very curious as to how they will sound!!
  5. You're lucky, I live in the wrong country for finding Klipsch
  6. Can anybody tell what the difference in sound is with the ALK crossover, compared to the Original Forté II crossover?
  7. Which will have zero-G mag-lev woofer suspension and carbon composite horns with graphene diaphragms I am sure And retro-vintage decals. Hand made in Hope, Arkansas
  8. http://www.klipsch.com/products/forte-iii
  9. Ok so new progress, I changed the filter settings on my Audio-GD Ref 5.32 DAC from 8X OS to 4X OS, which ever so slightly rolls of the highs and seems (at least top my ears) to give slightly more low end and that seems to balance out the sound even more. I can even use the Ti tweeters now without fatigue.
  10. I'm drooling. Well, I hope I live long enough to be able to buy these second hand one day
  11. Just to be sure, have you swapped the mid drivers from left to right to see if the problem moved along as well?
  12. Thanks! In the end I got there, even though I had to buy four KP-2500C speakers to get the two tweeters I needed I just switched to the K-79-K tweeters of the other two speakers, which still have the original diaphragms and for me, the sound is now much easier to listen to. I was just wondering, have you ever heard a difference in sound between these tweeters with and without ferrofluid? Mine have ferrofluid in them and I'm wondering if that does anything to the sound, since K-75 tweeters don't have ferrofluid in them either... Could it be that K-79-K + ferrofluid + Ti dia yields a slightly higher spl than K-75 without ferrofluid + original dia?
  13. Ok so I just bought four KP-2500-C speakers (the owner wouldn't sell two) to use the tweeters for my Forte IIs. They definitely sound better now than with the vifa tweeters, at least the sound has opened up. I also finally got a chance to install Bob Cites' titanium diaphragms, which I had laying around for a few months now. I must say, although they maybe sound more detailed, they also sound a bit more sibilant, compared to the stock K-79-K diaphragms. Does anybody else share this experience? I also upgraded the crossover caps, which makes them sound even a little brighter still...
  14. I recently upgraded the components in my Forte IIs and came across the same thing. They said 1985 on the back.
  15. Does this filter also get rid of the "dip" between 200 and 2Khz, that can be seen on the frequency response graph?
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