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  1. bobpni2

    Yamaha reciever

    I sold them speakers weeks a go
  2. bobpni2

    Yamaha reciever

    Oh come on
  3. bobpni2

    Yamaha reciever

    Come on any buyers on this
  4. bobpni2

    For Sale

    So buy my stuff and I will not bother you any more
  5. bobpni2

    For Sale

    Are You interested
  6. bobpni2

    Yamaha reciever

    Any buyers
  7. bobpni2


    Ouch Connecticut hurts bad
  8. bobpni2

    Yamaha reciever

    YAMAHA YamahaRX-V2090 Natural sound stereo Receiver -seven speaker 100w +100w RMS Output. 5Channel discrete input for Dolby Surround Digital,40station random access preset tuning. Leave a message. When you call if no answer leave a message. $325.00. (203) 488-1023 BRANFORD, CT I'm the original owner. ask for Bob
  9. bobpni2

    Speakers for sale

    Sold my Klipsch kl-30's for $600.00 full price
  10. bobpni2

    Speakers for Sale

    New month any buyers for a great pair of speakers
  11. bobpni2