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  1. I sold them speakers weeks a go
  2. Come on any buyers on this
  3. bobpni2

    For Sale

    So buy my stuff and I will not bother you any more
  4. bobpni2

    For Sale

    Are You interested
  5. bobpni2


    Ouch Connecticut hurts bad
  6. YAMAHA YamahaRX-V2090 Natural sound stereo Receiver -seven speaker 100w +100w RMS Output. 5Channel discrete input for Dolby Surround Digital,40station random access preset tuning. Leave a message. When you call if no answer leave a message. $325.00. (203) 488-1023 BRANFORD, CT I'm the original owner. ask for Bob
  7. Sold my Klipsch kl-30's for $600.00 full price
  8. New month any buyers for a great pair of speakers
  9. bobpni2


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