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  1. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage Klipschorns - 1960

    Hi everybody, I decided to put up my 1960 vintage klipschorns on eBay for sale and wanted to post one last time in case anybody here would like to participate in the auction, thanks everyone! http://m.ebay.com/itm/Klipschorn-1960-Vintage-Speakers-Excellent-Condition-/202023582665?hash=item2f098b3bc9%3Ag%3AR1MAAOSw2RdZgoSi&_trkparms=pageci%3A18dd0c18-875c-11e7-9d0f-74dbd180e9b1%7Cparentrq%3A0ae7f85e15e0ab4508ca4fe9fff224d0%7Ciid%3A12
  2. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage Klipschorns - 1960

    I finally figured out how to correct the post, thank you.
  3. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage Klipschorns - 1960

    Thank you, the date has been corrected in the original post. I'm taking my best guess as to what I think these are worth, if you have additional information as to their value and collectibility, I'm all ears. Thanks again.
  4. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage Klipschorns - 1960

    I see it in the horn, thanks. I'm in Houston and asking $2500 nego. buyer handles pickup. I also have the Denon AVR3808-CI up for sale that powered them, asking $300 also nego. If interested, please email me at gaiason@gmail.com for quicker reply.
  5. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage Klipschorns - 1960

  6. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage Klipschorns - 1960

    Serial numbers for horns and cabinets
  7. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage Klipschorns - 1960

    Hello everyone, A few years ago while working for an estate sale company, I picked up a pair of rare 1960s Klipschorns from the original buyer and am looking to sell them. The serial#s are 1671-1672 on the cabinets and 1832 & 1681 on the horns. According to Klipsch personnel, these serial #s were made between 1948-1961 back when their serial numbers consisted only of 4 digits and were manufactured under the moniker, Klipsch & Associates. These are in excellent condition and sound absolutely amazing. Serious inquires / buyers please contact me via email at gaiason@gmail.com Thank you, Steve
  8. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage rare 1950s Klipschorn speakers for sale

    If this post is still visible, I bought these speakers and am now selling them myself. Anyone interested in these beauties, please contact me. Thanks!
  9. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage Rare 1950s Klispschorn speakers for sale!

    There are some more pics under the garage sale section I posted.
  10. Steve_Alaniz

    Klipsch Pair of RB-10 w/ Synergy C3 Center Speaker for Sale

    Thanks! I've corrected the post and lowered the price
  11. A pair of Klipsch RB-10 bookshelf speakers and Synergy C3 center speaker in excellent condition!! For sale $180 Buyer pays shipping from 77047
  12. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage rare 1950s Klipschorn speakers for sale

    Awesome Buddy!! lol
  13. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage rare 1950s Klipschorn speakers for sale

    Thanks for everyone and their feedback regarding information and support on this thread, although I have a prospective buyer I'm still looking so anyone interested please get with me.
  14. Steve_Alaniz

    Vintage rare 1950s Klipschorn speakers for sale

    Here are the crossovers for the speakers, hope this helps. We are looking for 2k for the pair, thanks again for all your feedback.
  15. Steve_Alaniz

    Rare vintage 1950s Klipschorn for Sale!

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a buyer for this pair of vintage 1950s klipschorn speakers, they are in excellent working condition and belonged to their original owner. The serial#s are 1671-1672 on the cabinets and 1832 & 1681 on the horns. I'm located in Houston so anyone local interested please msg me otherwise I can ship at buyer's expense. The owner is proud of these speakers and would like to get 2k for the pair.