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  1. "EXCLUSIVE EXTRA 40% OFF $50+" https://www.ebay.com/sme/burtnbec/Extra-40-off-50/so.html?_soffid=5831997503&_soffType=TargetedOffer Enjoy!
  2. Someone once said to the effect that "Try it...you might like it!" if I don't then it can be changed, eh? It sounds like a quite nice setup you have.
  3. I super appreciate all the solid response you've given, much thanks! I had naively hoped for a quick-and-simple gett-her-done response upon which all would agree ๐Ÿ˜‚ and say "Yep-yep-that's the way to do it". But deep, deep down inside I knew this couldn't happen so here is the same inquiry with a different spin on it: A few disclosures: All the parts (listed below) are in very good-to-new usable condition: Some of this is generally above my pay-grade, some isn't: Hopefully this is only one of three such endeavors: I am trying to put into use these components and really really want to migrate to the "tried and true" after this is done and over: Here are the parts which I am trying draw from into an acoustically meaningful and correct 2-way outdoor pair of speakers: Cabinets (probably the weak link): 28"t X 18-1/4"w X 13-1/4"d: braced with corner supports (pretty solid) 5/8" Particle board: airtight...these cabinets will be used. Drivers: 12" Eminence woofer: (Numbers from the sticker on the magnet: 55-765 15869 67-9433015 G1 8 ohm) Klipsch K-69-A Faital HP 20AT ( but really I want to save these for a more meaningful indoor setup) Horn: ZXPC: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Throat-Horn-Bolt-On-18-x10-For-Assorted-Bolt-On-2-Exit-Drivers-90-x-40-398/231420420855?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 These horns are new and fit the cabinet well. This horn will be used. Crossovers: *EV DX38 active crossover (I have no idea of which settings would/could be used) *Eminence PX B2 800hz 2-way passive (brand new) *Klipsch type B from Cornwalls recapped *...and these: I have don't know what they are-- from Klipsch P/N 116440 vendor number 4146, appears to be 2 way (maybe from Jubilee??) Well thanks again for your consideration and input on this.
  4. Well I'm going to try it...passive Xover 2 way crossed at 800 HZ and see how it is--or isn't. Maybe.
  5. This had not been covered before. I had read that the active EQ was "necessary" and didn't know why till now. Thanks!
  6. Ok thanks to all; Hey Moray...yeah you are ABSOLUTELY right in that it is better to use the knowledge which has gone before. I realized that fact about 4 hours ago, B4 this post. The reasons for this deal are two: I figure it is going to be better to use up parts-just-lying-around and assemble them into a 2 way which is functional (very first outdoors), and; this random horn has the physical size which fits the random cabinets I'm putting into service-they fit! The woofer is random also--it's an Eminence 15" who-knows-what.?. Hopefully this will be a limited endeavor. Hi Kornukopia: Thank you for the confirmation on this as that helps alot! In a build it is nice not to do it wrong the first time and have to re-do! Thanks Glens I missed the PRO stuff on the Klipsch site.
  7. Well certainly that is true, it seems there should be specifications for the K-69-A driver somewhere but I can't find therm anywhere. Have you a clue where to look for recommended crossover freq's? I am at a loss at this point, thank you.
  8. I know PT, I know... I was hoping for a few quick and general guidelines to point in the right direction. Definitely in the budding and learning stages putting this together and doing all I can! However, if I were to know perhaps the upper HZ capability of the K-69-A that would help alot ๐Ÿ˜, here's the horn: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Throat-Horn-Bolt-On-18-x10-For-Assorted-Bolt-On-2-Exit-Drivers-90-x-40-398/231420420855?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 2 way system here, thank you.
  9. Oh my! OK, gimme some to digest that oneโ˜บ๏ธ. Nice...
  10. What is the highest meaningful frequency the K-69-A can do? Must it really really have an active crossover upstream or can possibly a passive crossover (2 way at 800 HZ) maybe suffice? Not wanting to get too technical here...thank you for your input!
  11. OK! Yes so it isn't a good idea to do so so I'm not going to! I don't know how to mitigate the problems except to put a crossover on each tophat. At this point it'll be an active crossover and amp for both channel tophats. "So I take it you've got an extra set of mid and high drivers/horns, only? Not doubled up on anything else?"--yes, yes that would be true. " If you could acquire a second set of La Scala bass bins, you could put one complete configuration in your big room, and the other two channels in your bedroom, all amplifiers and other components staying in the big room, with a speaker switch and cabling. Add a timer, and you'd have a clock radio sure to wake you up! We actually had a Klipschorn room with a timer down the hall from our bedroom once, and sweet music, well reproduced, woke us up every morning. " THANK YOU for this idea...I like it. I would like to acquire a second set of LAS bassbins ๐Ÿ˜€! Would perhaps a single Danley sub work in place of the 2 LAS bassbins? " 4 K55V and 4 k77 which is a very expensive proposition "-Yeah no doubt about that which is something to seriously avoid, costly indeed given the relative value of all the other components in this arrangement. " I used my LS for a Christmas party in a 49x37 room, 25 ft ceilings. They worked amazingly well. " Good! Yeah i know what I'm considering is more-than-enough. But hey, why not? Sincere thanks for the guidance!
  12. There are a few reasons to explore this; putting x-tra parts to use, it is a kindof larger sized room (better overall coverage/ 30x30x9), and just generally messing around! Mainly though It would be nice to put these to good use rather than just have them sit there! Would a speaker selector switch with volume controls help? The existing speakers are LAS, stock, and would have this second pair of mid/highs sitting on top.
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