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  1. Do you know of the snowpack in summer? Are the NW cone mountains (St Helens, Adams, Rainier, Olympus, Hood) typically covered in snow in the summer? Nice special spot you have there.
  2. "Is I think that at first people sort of are a bit suspicious 'You know, come on, what are you up to?" Can you unpack this a bit to elaborate on it's meaning? And how it plays out? I know that suicide leaves a LOT of loose ends behind if this is what is being referred to.
  3. ..and LOTS of it! Soooo here's a new thread which admittedly does not appeal to a lot of forum members (perhaps southerners) BUT some of DO live in snow country (we live where we live) … Check THIS out: Is there anyone else into this? Try streaming (via youtube HD) this with this: Here is a musical correlative to the two identical posts above: Pretty nice! High country snow is really nice..like really nice...
  4. OK So the tube tester has been promised and is probably no longer available. The organ speakers are actually four in number and yes they are 12". Two are identical and two came out of the same organ (but one is modestly heavier in build at the spider and magnet). All are in excellent physical condition except one which is in fair condition, I'd say. Two identical 12": one is at 5.5 ohms and the other is at 5.5 ohms...excellent apparent condition. Two out of the same organ, 12"; modestly heavier one is at 12 ohms, very good condition: lighter one is at 13.5 ohms and has about a 1/2 tear in the paper cone near the edge...appears to be repairable with Parts Express glue.
  5. I'll send you; A tube tester-good-to-fair condition; "Precision Apparatus Co. Inc" Model 10-1-2 serial number 7875: this unit looks like it has been used as a daily in-the-field in-good-condition but kinda beat up on the outside tube tester...the OUTSIDE is rough BUT the inside operates smoothly and is all intact...I believe it is a worthwhile unit to calibrate and use. It has not been electronically tested. A good basic unit for resto, in my opinion. Some old-but-very good condition old ORGAN speaker driver units (3 total). Sincere apologies but no photos available... I'll answer any and all questions though...
  6. "Karsten manufacturing has to be the most copied equipment in the world." Probably so. Stradavari violins would come in at a very close second place to that sentiment. How's the quality of Vladamirs' product? Solid brass?? Good stuff or not so much?
  7. Moderators 23619 38505 posts Location: Southeast TX Posted 13 hours ago "Burn out is a real thing. I've had the same job for 21 years and it's hard to get excited anymore. I do my best to do a good job everyday but the thrill is gone." ++1.. .same job for 40 years...I use head games on myself anymore to stay interested in the committments and responsibilities...try to keep going.
  8. K-8-K's come up on Ebay and on this forum periodically. If you're not in a hurry watch for them, some have a white band on the face and some have a grey/black band...probably get one whoch matches.
  9. So at the eves (above top plates) either cardboard or styrofoam baffles 2-3' long work just the same--either 16" or 24" wide---"just" staple them in place then install insulation. These work if there are (going to be) soffitt vents. If there aren't (going to be) soffitt vents then it's unlikely there'll be sufficient (if any) air movement. Therefore there must be ridge vents or "turtle vents" toward the ridge so hot air can transmigrate to the atmosphere and out of the attic. A preferable alternate to all this --if a gable end roof allows for it-- is fixed louvered gable end vents.
  10. Yeah, what ever did happen to Sancho Panza?
  11. 7heavenlyplaces


    Thank you for sharing and being transparent in this difficult time. I suspect that perhaps several of us are looking into---or still remember--- this difficult transition in life. A reminder and a binder to us all. Sincere prayers for you and the remaining family! There is comfort in the Christ.
  12. Yeah these are for background music only...not a lot of output. yes on the transformer step up or specific amp. Thanks for the direction.
  13. Do 70V rated new speakers work properly with any generic SS amplifier? Or do I need a specific amplifier output of some sort...how to properly drive these?: https://www.quamspeakers.com/filebin/product_spec_docs/spec-pdfs/C10X_B70_WS.pdf
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