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  1. Ohhhh! Salvadore Dali! This one (???): Salvador Dalí Not too long ago Disney (I think) did a fully "live" virtually interactive exhibit of this guy. Any points of relevance here?
  2. Care to unpack that? Dali? Vacations? Thank you.
  3. Whom is the dude on the wall besides Einstein and Hendrix? Nice ride! Is it quick on the road? Lightening? What is that like (in words)? ... of course...
  4. Having them now is a whole new tranche of experience to have to deal with and, well, it seems actually like a whole lot of extra to deal with. Some (others) have always had them and wouldn't change it. After 20 years of NONE (or fully repressed) emotions they seem to be quite-a-bit of an inconvenience now. BUT there is alot of healing and restoration in relationships in result of this emotionality...even quite a few surprises coming out of this new found emotional experience.
  5. Which audio links just send you? Ben Böhmer - Desolate (Bade Records) (Youtube) ...I don't know WHY this one does but send me it does!
  6. Sure signs of a middle-class millionaire. Just sayin'.
  7. THIS is a more modern- and albeit different- explanation to the same idea as contained in HG Wells book (of approx 1925, 1917?) entitled The Time Machine.
  8. Anyway trending toward the original post here: Is it possible that similar life's events affect someone in the last 1/3 of life differently than in the prior 2/3's of life (emotionally speaking)?
  9. Dang nabbit! Potentially banned AGAIN! THIS is a sensitive issue no doubt 😆.
  10. Have you any links to this ("on the news") as I am unaware--just for reference and learning, thank you.
  11. At what point in the water source/stream do you refer? At the Chesapeake Bay THAT is surely fundamentally true. At the source in the rockies that is surely fundamentally untrue. It could be an influence depending on WHERE (at what point) one is consuming the water...
  12. "Quit wasting my time." YES. In more ways and means than previously considered to date!
  13. Could it be, perhaps, that the reality that time is now short quickens the emotions? Quickens to more (and more, and more) feeling and emotional response?
  14. Like never before... More emotions than, well, since Moses walked the earth. Is there a connection between aging and (ever) increasing emotional response?
  15. Check out the Philadelphia parade of 1918.
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