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  1. Long, fiberous, tawney, tough wood grain would be good for doors; entry, storm and screen doors. Lots of them!
  2. Thanks to each of you for the helpful leads! I am mostly drawn to the places of super high natural oceanic beauty. Having experienced high mountain dry country the ocean is really attractive. Funny thing; even as I write this ( in this instant) there comes across the music streaming invention thingie via LaScalas and Heresys this: Oh My Gosh-- This is perhaps one of the strangest co-incidences of the last 10 years for me...in a good way...anyway: Thanks much for your input!
  3. OH! You guys thank you😁! Wow... Just some contextual information on this end; it has been a LLLONGDRY (very long) spell of nose-to-the-grindstone (like 30+ years) and I am really really ready to see some nice experiences as a counterbalance reward for pulling through all these years---It's time for some reward and your suggestions help me to figure out some next steps to take. Thanks!
  4. Have you actually found a favorite place to go and spend time at? Where is it, what does the place look like and what exactly do you like best about being there? I'm looking for a place (or places) to "bug out" and escape to. Un-visited places also count in this request for replies. Hopefully super-high-quality natural-beauty-places will rise to-recommendation. In responding please give the lat./longitude or a link. ( maybe video). IT IS GETTING TIME TO GO!---just trying to figure out where and looking for suggestions. THIS one looks about right (so far): Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  5. It's good remedy for unwanted beaver dams also!
  6. "Ok lets start a company, want to do alot of work building many or price them to only need to sell a few a year?" OK yes lets start a company! I've got the wood, hardwoods both domestic and exotic for starters, nice, nice stuff. Just sell a few each year. Got tubes or SS anyone?
  7. Well it snowed again 2" rhis evening. The creation is going to be absolutely beautiful soon. Anyone want to go for a mountainous ATV/quad ride?
  8. ...when you bend over to tie your shoe laces and look around to see if there is anything that needs to be done while you're down there. (Comes in useful from time to time...)
  9. Well, it is snowing this evening. Spring snows in the rockies at the 45th: 1/2 way between the equator and north pole. Spring snow is both welcome and lovely; welcome for the moisture content and lovely for the beauty--we always need more moisture here. It is also a nice departing reminder of the purity of clean-driven-white-snows of winter!. Gotta love where we're planted...
  10. Oh yes a shed (Tiki Hut) does keep one out of the house much more...nearly every night! lots to do in a Tiki Hut😁!
  11. That was quick! Done deal. EDIT: Guess the deal fell through and these are still available. Tried to work it out but couldn't happen soon enough! Sorry for the error.
  12. in very good-or-better condition. PM or general reply works well!
  13. And also which amp is between the Scott and turntable, and how is it used?
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