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  1. NOS Valves VRD hot-rodded amps (Magnequest Iron)

    Pony up IF the pony is there, right?
  2. NOS Valves VRD hot-rodded amps (Magnequest Iron)

    Looks like Claro Walnut.
  3. Klipsch 535 B Jubilee Biamp crossovers $100

    PM sent.
  4. Mcintosh miscellaneous

    Lots of Mcintosh stuff: https://boise.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-mcintosh-stereo/6490855064.html
  5. Phase plug

    I like the pictures .
  6. Phase plug

    Thanks gentlemen!
  7. Phase plug

    What, exactly speaking, is a phase plug & what is the differentiation from other driver typologies? 🤔
  8. Vintage radios galore! Plains MT

    Some prefer a phone call and will typically disregard emails. Might try calling.
  9. Vintage radios galore! Plains MT

    No affil. https://missoula.craigslist.org/atq/d/radio-collection-many-radios/6470482025.html
  10. Forte II passive radiator repair question

    Parts Express has the exact glue for this repair. I may have a 1/2 bottle to send you if it hasn't dried out by now. PM on its way if the glue is still good. The stuff works great.
  11. Crypto Currency

    Is it necessary to divulge personally identifying information in order to purchase any (or all) of the cryptocurrencies? I thought it is a virtually anonymous pursuit.
  12. Buying a refurbished receiver with 30 day warranty?

    After a recent bad experience ^^ with the same sort of deal I'd say to double check the return costs should it be a bad unit. I didn't do so and it cost me (abject loss) of $175 plus a month of time...just sayin'.
  13. LAS Inaugural premier

    That's excellent, thanks.
  14. CF-4 Incoming!

    Sounds exactly to me like a soft-sided approach to separate a man from his money! I'd say wait till the next opportunity which hasn't the hallmarks of a rip-off, might just save a bunch of time, expense and hassle.
  15. LAS Inaugural premier

    Thank you. As I've got it (and this may be incorrect) the LAS were designed for a public address at the Mall in DC and in '64.