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  1. ...when you bend over to tie your shoe laces and look around to see if there is anything that needs to be done while you're down there. (Comes in useful from time to time...)
  2. Well, it is snowing this evening. Spring snows in the rockies at the 45th: 1/2 way between the equator and north pole. Spring snow is both welcome and lovely; welcome for the moisture content and lovely for the beauty--we always need more moisture here. It is also a nice departing reminder of the purity of clean-driven-white-snows of winter!. Gotta love where we're planted...
  3. Oh yes a shed (Tiki Hut) does keep one out of the house much more...nearly every night! lots to do in a Tiki Hut😁!
  4. That was quick! Done deal. EDIT: Guess the deal fell through and these are still available. Tried to work it out but couldn't happen soon enough! Sorry for the error.
  5. in very good-or-better condition. PM or general reply works well!
  6. And also which amp is between the Scott and turntable, and how is it used?
  7. Good! It looks better on your display than in my shop! If you think of it later it would be nice to hear how it is in regard to functionality and accuracy. BTW; how many signatures? Glad you got it.
  8. SANCHO! You're back!!!! You have been missed😀👍. Good morning.
  9. Howabout you jes tarp the whole show with Rhinohide (polystrene reinforced plastic) for a couple of weeks? $3-500 in product should get you there.
  10. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/portland-klipsch-speakers/6881530167.html No affil.
  11. All these items are now gone and no longer available!
  12. Do you know of the snowpack in summer? Are the NW cone mountains (St Helens, Adams, Rainier, Olympus, Hood) typically covered in snow in the summer? Nice special spot you have there.
  13. "Is I think that at first people sort of are a bit suspicious 'You know, come on, what are you up to?" Can you unpack this a bit to elaborate on it's meaning? And how it plays out? I know that suicide leaves a LOT of loose ends behind if this is what is being referred to.
  14. ..and LOTS of it! Soooo here's a new thread which admittedly does not appeal to a lot of forum members (perhaps southerners) BUT some of DO live in snow country (we live where we live) … Check THIS out: Is there anyone else into this? Try streaming (via youtube HD) this with this: Here is a musical correlative to the two identical posts above: Pretty nice! High country snow is really nice..like really nice...
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