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  1. 7heavenlyplaces

    Cheap Tube Amp Beats Pants Off Creek Integrated

    👍👍🤞Great approach to take!
  2. 7heavenlyplaces

    KG-4 parts for sale

    Thank you!
  3. 7heavenlyplaces

    WTB- Scott 222C faceplate

    In very good or better condition. Kind of a longshot but...let me know price and condition.
  4. 7heavenlyplaces

    Who needs delta faucet parts

    Bingo! That will very likely work. Faucet grease or faucet silicon is a good thing during reassembly.
  5. 7heavenlyplaces

    Klipsch Quality

    Wouldn't it be hunky dory if all speaker grilles had unbreakable mounts? The magnetic mounts are just peachy!
  6. 7heavenlyplaces

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Yep, thats stout alright... Yes, offgassong from vinyl inside the automobile. Thanks all!
  7. 7heavenlyplaces

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Technivorm Mochamaster: how do you--IF you do-- brew a stout cuppa joe with the Moccamaster?
  8. 7heavenlyplaces

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    For a price range reference you can get on EBay 'sold' filter and probably get another reference regarding actual values paid.
  9. 7heavenlyplaces

    EBay 15% off

    Today only (till next offer) till 10PM.
  10. 7heavenlyplaces

    Looking for KG4's or K-8-K's

    You can. Try Ebay over a period of time & some will show up if none are available here. Local CL may yield something also.
  11. 7heavenlyplaces

    Do Klipsch subs sound better ?

    Buy hot sauce? Where, how? ? So if most all subs sound mostly similar then what have Danly or SVS have as an edge over and above the others?
  12. 7heavenlyplaces

    SET or PP on full range

    Contentment...is a choice 🙂.
  13. 7heavenlyplaces

    Woodworkers - need help with accent wall finish

    "Get a keyhole router bit and hang it to screw heads of screws that have been secured to the wall's studs. The keyhole will be on the back side and nothing will show. How many keyholes will it take?? It all depends on how heavy that panel is. I've used sev eral techniques to hang things so that no fasteners or evidence of fasteners are seen...and no plugs to cover the heads of fastener s, either . Also, how snug you will have it to the wall is dependent upon how far out from the wall the screw-heads are prior to mountin g the pa nel." ^+1--Exactly correct.
  14. 7heavenlyplaces

    Woodworkers - need help with accent wall finish

    Probably neither brad nor glue🤔. Securely screwed to studs (with star-head finish screws), brads are too unsubstantial and glue will likely fail (eventually). Secure mechanical connection is best.
  15. 7heavenlyplaces

    Woodworkers - need help with accent wall finish

    Nice, nice work there! I've also seen rough sawn 1X be burned with a blow torch, sealed and used for house siding-- natural perma-color. Back to photos 2&3 & the OP; perhaps 1/2" walnut veneer plywood edgebanded with solid walnut (or maple--for contrast), finished and installed would get you there.