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  1. I've always had a problem to find crossover schema here. So maybe .... One Ring to rule them all (or one thread ... no matter) Index Page 1: Klipschorn/Belle/LaScala Type A Type AA Klipschorn K-500/5000 K-500/5000 W2/W5 AK AK-2 AK-3 AK-4 Heresy Type C Type D Type E Type E2 HIE Heresy II/Tangent 400 Type III Cornwall Cornwall K-1000/5000 Cornwall I B Cornwall I B2 Cornwall I B3 Cornwall II Cornwall III La Scala AL AL-2 AL-3 Belle AB AB-2 AB-3 Quartet Forte I Forte II Chorus I Chorus II KLF KLF-10 KLF-20 KLF-30 KLF-C7 KG KG-2 KG-2.5 KG-3 KG 3.5 / 3.2 KG 4 KG 4.5 / 4.2 KG-5.2 KG-5.5 Autotransformers T2A T3A T4A T5A T7A T8A Page 2: Jubilee k-402/k69 passive KT-LCR THX MTM RF-62 RF-62II RF-3 Page 3: RF-5 T2A KLF-20 THSR-2 CB-3B KG-4 KLF-30 Chorus Chorus II Cornwall II AA AL-3 Type D RF-7 AK-4 AB-3 AB RF-3 KP-301 II Page 4: Heresy II Academy Type C Type D T4000/T5000 Page 5: KP-201 type KP2.0A Type AL KG3.2/3.5 Page 6: KP-450 Academy KPT-100 KPT-100D KP-250 Klipsch woofers T/S data (direct: Klipsch Heritage woofer T/S spec) RC-7 Page 7: KSP-400 KL-650-THX Page 8: RF-82 CF-2B RF-83 RF-28F RF-35 Page 9: AB-3 Page 10: KG-3 Page 11: RP-260F Page 12: KP-362 KLF-C7 KG-2 KG-2.5 Page 13: KPT-310 KPT-942 CF-4 v3 Tangent 30 / 40 Page 14: Tangent 10 Page 15: Tangent 5000 KP 363 / KP 301 I KP-3002 / KP-302 Page 16: Cornwall III Page 19: Type D Page 20: Heresy III Klipschorn/Belle/La Scala Type A Type AA
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