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  1. Dear all, I am the proud owner of some nice KG 5.5's. These are a REALLY great system and have given me a lot of enjoyment. As such this thread has become a little long! So I've popped in a clickable index of sorts to help with navigation. Phase 1: these are my 'beginners' improvements: Part 1: My first basic steps I took to improve the physical aspects of the enclosures and some trial and error driver tweaks Part 2: Taming the horn output. How I used simple L-pads to fine tune the top end of this system Part 3: Felt under tweeter dome Part 4: Final tweaking of L-pad levels Part 5: Listening impressions and some more felt tweaks Part 6: Listening impressions with some vintage Yamaha two channel Part 7: Crossover update - time for new caps and listening impressions with two vintage Yamaha AV titans Part 8: Crites Titanium Diaphragms, install, measurement and listening impressions Phase 2: full crossover upgrade time - from here I get measuring equipment and get to the heart of making the KG's great: Part 9: Validating my Phase 1 improvements and introducing Stage 1 and 2 crossover upgrade designs Part 10: Stage 1 (a 2way) crossover upgrade design Part 11: Stage 1 upgrade Vs original KG crossover Vs the 4db Lpad mod Part 12: Stage 2 (a 2.5way) crossover upgrade design Part 13: Stage 2 crossover - in room measurements and listening impressions Part 14: Modelled and ground plane measured bass response In summary here's the before and after measured response of my KG's: Horizontal: Before 0 - 90 degrees ... After... Before horizontal polar: After: Vertical: Before (red - 2way) vs after (black - 2.5way) upwards.... Same again vertically downwards... Phase 1: Part 1 I am in Australia and a long term AV addict. From what I can tell these are rare in Aus. I grabbed these fast when they popped up on Gumtree. My journey through AV addiction has been long and enjoyable and led me to admiring the sound of PA speakers with high efficiency. PA speakers were never going to be a viable adornment in my lounge so it is Klipsch to the rescue, so to speak. Along the way I read with wonder a 100 plus page thread about the work done by VideoLady201and others on the venerable Realistic Mach 1's. One of the many mods suggested was to disassemble the mid range horn tweeter and attached felt pads to the pole piece. VideoLady201 measured the before and after effect of these here. The result was a much smoother response and lower Fs. As a common mod to these tweeters is to improve performance with new Crites diaphragms (on my list soon) I figured I'd try the felt option (purchased from a local hardware - commonly used for applying to furniture feet with a self adhesive backing) first to see if I can hear the effect for myself. Other changes have been more straight forward; cabinet bracing front to back and side to side (mine didn't rattle but boy these are big boxes to not have any bracing - Stereophile would not approve!), treatment using acoustic semi-rigid fiberglass and butyl foam deadener applied to port, woofer spokes (inside and out) and tweeter horn. Some pics for your enjoyment.... Tweeter pole piece pads... 22 years young, nearly ... Big empty boxes... P.R.I.D.E stuck to the inside of the box.... Now with three braces glued in with PVA - one below tweeter, another between woofers and a third above the port with holes drilled to reduce weight and internal volume displaced .... Brace in lower section with a glimpse of the butyl foam wrapped port tube..... Tweeters being treated with foam backed butyl.... Butyl on woofers (new foam seal also) .... Such a large enclosure will suffer from standing wave resonances. Insulation installed internally..... Back together again.... Klipsch_Brochure_Kg_point_5_series_c.pdf
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