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Found 5 results

  1. I've read through some other posts similar to this and this doesn't seem to be an uncommon issue. This subwoofer is 12 years old and I've already ordered a replacement but was curious what was causing the fuse to blow when powered on. I opened it up expecting something obvious but could only speculate about one piece that looked broken - a small green piece with TH3 printed on the board next to it (see pics). Does anyone see anything obviously wrong in addition to this and/or know what the piece is? The weird thing is this only started happening after I moved and I moved my electronics on my own. I plug electronics into a UPS or decent surge protector. I didn't have any issues with the subwoofer for 12 years. An odd coincidence. Thanks.
  2. Hello all, I have the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX system like this (amber Klipsch THX badges and power pad incorporated into one of the smaller satellite speakers). These speakers have produced fantastic quality sound, I have loved this system on my PC. It has apparently just lost power (while in use), the green light on the speaker power pad is no longer illuminated. The sound literally just cut out while they were in use, no electrical smells or any weird sounds, it was as if they were simply unplugged. I have always had them on 24/7/365, hooked into my PC. I've owned them for maybe 1.5 years, so not that old. I've done the typically trouble shooting - unplugged/plugged back in, restarted my PC, checked the Windows 10 "manage audio devices/sound" looked to see if the speakers bar was being colorized up/down as audio is played. All to no avail. There's no static/buzzing sound when I plug them into my PC, or that static/buzzing sound when you touch your finger tip on the plug end that goes into your PC. They appear to be completely dead. I plugged in an older set of speakers into my PC and those work fine, so obviously seems to be something with the Klipsch speakers. Does anyone have any tips as to how to trouble shoot this on the Klipsch speakers? It seems like perhaps a fuse has blown? I've opened up the subwoofer and taken some photos of the electronics (imgur.com gallery) It all looks very clean inside, I don't see any signs of any connection being burned or damaged and there was no electrical burning smell when it went out. Can anyone identify where the fuse is on this? I'd like to see about replacing that as the speaker system seems to be power dead. I'm obviously no electronics expert and only know enough to get myself electrocuted. I don't have any electronics troubleshooting equipment, either.
  3. Hello, I have a SUB-10 with missing fuse. The VAC input rating is 2.0 amps. I tried installing an automotive 2.0 amp fuse but it's too large (length and diameter). Does anyone might know the fuse type and size fuse used for the SUB-10 and whether it's a fast or slow blow fuse? I measure the diameter to be approx. 5 mm.
  4. Hey all, I have a KW-100 Sub that is missing the fuse and fuse holder. I called Klipsch and of course they don't carry them anymore. They directed me to check Grainger?? I can't find anything on these things, Where can i get the holder, cap and fuse from? Are there any substitutes I could try? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a TON!!! Lance
  5. Ive had these for about a year and suddenly the power goes off for a few seconds then comes back up. when it comes back up i notice there is no green light coming from the control pod. is this a blown fuse? there is no power switch on the side nor a external fuse and if so how would i go about fixing it i dont think this is a very good sign
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