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Found 3 results

  1. Item: Bottlehead Stereomour SET amp w/ impedance switch kit Price: $750 + shipping SOLD Location: Franklin, PA 16323 Payment: PayPal (FF or +3%) Trades: High quality preamp to mate with Jeff Rowland Model 112 I bought this not long ago, but my system has taken a turn in a different direction (non SET friendly speakers). I got a great deal on this setup, and I'd like to pass that same deal on to someone else. The tubes alone are a nearly $600 value! The Stereomour looks great and sounds even better. It puts out ~3.5 wpc which is enough for my old Tekton Lores in a medium/large size room. Match it with a preamp with a little gain (I happen to have one of those too, if you're interested) and you'll have plenty of volume. There are a couple dings in the top of the walnut base. See photos. The JJ's are a little loose in the socket, but the other tubes are nice and snug. Here's what's included: Stereomour amp w/ impedance switch kit and furniture quality walnut base 10 different new and NOS driver tubes ($10-$15/ea) JJ 2A3-40 output tubes ($260 new) Electro Harmonix 2A3 Gold output tubes ($130 new) Sovtek 2A3 output tubes ($100 new) Shorting plugs for setting hum pots Additional walnut base w/ Bottlehead logo Bottlehead Stereomour amp and Tekton Lore speakers by Audio Database, on Flickr Stereomour and JJ 2A3-40's by Audio Database, on Flickr Bottlehead Stereomour and Custom 12sn7 Preamp by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170805_081103 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170805_081113 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170801 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170832 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170840 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170902 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170918 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170929 by Audio Database, on Flickr
  2. New price $4,200.00 for VRD's $1,300 for NBS when bought together! that is only $5,500 for equipment that costs over $9,000 new.... if you could even get it made . MOVED TO AUDIOGON https://www.audiogon.com/listings/tube-nosvalves-vrd-s-nbs-amp-preamp-2016-07-16-amplifiers-70578-rayne-la price includes shipping but not paypal fee.
  3. Up for sale is an ampsandsound Big Ben tube amplifier. It was purchased about 5 months ago, but I've since upgraded to a pair of NOSValves VRD monoblocks. The amp will come with the following tubes: -Tung Sol 6SU7GTY -5691 RCA Red Base Black Plates NOS 1950 (oldest single) (Purchased from Tube World Express. 20hrs of use by me) -5691 NOS JAN Phillips Black Plate (5691 6SL7) (60 Hours of use by me) -(2) Brand New Genalex KT66 (never used. Only unboxed for the photos) -(2) Tung Sol 6550 (modern version - 50 hours of use by me) The amp has a small blemish on the metal that you can kind of see from the photo. It's really not bad and was sold to me that way by Justin as B-Stock (hence the lowish price). Price includes shipping. It's a great amp, but I need to make room for the VRD's.
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