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  1. I don’t have experience with Cornwall 3’s, but I’ve had Cornwall 2’s that were absolutely vapid in the lower octaves in my room. I’ve had Chorus 2’s and Forte 2’s in the same room with great success. Thought the Cornwalls would be more of the same, but as soon as I moved them into the room, I was sorely disappointed in bass output/impact. I tried tubes and BIG SS amps and, while the sound characteristics changed, bass output did not. I couldn’t change the layout of my room so I added a subwoofer to augment the bass. That worked well enough. I eventually moved the Cornwalls into another room and the bass was much better. Ultimately, I determined the Cornwalls just didn’t work in my room and I eventually sold them. I never found my room to be particularly challenging for speaker setup and placement prior to the Cornwalls and I’ve had a lot of speakers in that room. Room was roughly 12’x15’x12’ with partially vaulted ceiling with skylights and partially open on one end to another small room. Hopefully you have some options for placement that will fix your bass null. If not, consider adding one or more subwoofers.
  2. Twk123 is spot on regarding the recap. Just to keep you all posted, these are pending pick up this week. I'll update the status here on Friday.
  3. Up for sale is a gorgeous pair of Klipsch Cornwall II's in very rare cherry lacquer finish. These are in fully functional condition and sound wonderful. I recapped the crossovers replacing all capacitors with Dayton 1% tolerance precision audio grade caps. All drivers are in perfect working condition. These speakers are ready for many more years of listening. There are some nicks around the outside front edge. These can be easily repaired or color matched to make them less obvious. Grills are nearly perfect and both badges are intact. Location: NW PA, between Pittsburgh and Erie Price: $1100 **SOLD** Shipping: Local pick up, or you arrange all transportation Trades: Possibly pair of quality SS stereo amps Reason for sale: Moving and only taking two bigs sets of speakers Condition can be seen here (sorry for the corny music overlay): Hear them here:
  4. Thanks, I have read up on the EFB mod and would like to incorporate it into this amp at some point. I even went as far as ordering the board/parts, stuffing the board, then, when I realized how big the heatsink was, I noticed I ordered the board for the SCA-35! It won't work with the ST-35 obviously, so I'll have to do the power supply board to incorporate the EFB mod. Thanks! The sub is a Power Sound Audio S-1800. Specs: Sealed 22x20x20.5" enclosure USA built, proprietary 18" driver with powerful motor strength and efficiency. Patented digital ICEpower® 725W amplifier with DSP control CNC precision cut cabinets that are finished in our industry exclusive satin black texture 17Hz-200Hz +/-3dB (7Hz-11Hz typical in-room extension) I'll take a look. Thanks!
  5. The kit came with mounting hardware and instructions for the choke, but I needed to order it separately. I'll order it now and report back my findings. I'll also look into bypassing C1. Thanks for the info!
  6. Very closely matched quad of Sovtek el84m's and a pair of NOS RCA 12dw7's. Thanks! 👍
  7. Thanks, guys! It's still breaking in, but I've probably got 15 or so hours on it now. Sounding pretty damn good if I don't say so myself. The top end opened up quite a bit after the first few hours. I haven't noticed too much of a change since they. I'll incorporate the Gillespie power supply board and EFB mod at some point in the future, but I wanted to hear it in stock configuration first.
  8. Thought I'd share this fun project here since I'm using this amp on my Cornwalls. This was my first kit build and I have to say, this is a very well put together kit with quality parts. The build itself took around 10-12 hours in total. I plugged away at it a couple/few hours at a time. The only hiccup was my own fault. I deviated from the manual and installed a CL-80 thermistor on the line in. Problem was that I installed it in the wrong location and the amp blew the fuse when I first turned it on. I removed the thermistor and it fired right up. All voltages checked out and it's been making fine music now for 12+ hours. Really great little amp and it was a lot of fun to build. Here are some pics from the build and a demo video. Kit as it arrived Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr PCB's stuffed and installed Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr Transformers and can cap installed Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr WIring in process Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr WIring complete Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr Testing Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr DONE Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr Dynakit ST-35 by Audio Database, on Flickr Demo video
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm not going to worry too much about it. They sound just fine as is.
  10. Recapped the crossovers today. I didn't go all out with high dollar, boutique caps, but, for $54 I got all new Dayton film caps for both speakers. The original film caps were very close to their capacitance rating. One of the 68uF electrolytic caps was close to 73uF and the other was around 69uF. All in all, the original caps were in pretty good shape considering their age. After the recap, the speakers sound a bit cleaner, bordering on bright, but I'll give the new caps some time to settle in. Bass seems to have a bit more presence, as well. I'm pleased with the initial results and the crossovers are ready for another 30+ years. Only thing I'm left wondering is if I should have added a bypass cap to the 68uF cap on the woofers. Klipsch Cornwall II Crossover Recap by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Cornwall II Crossover Recap by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Cornwall II Crossover Recap by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Cornwall II Crossover Recap by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Cornwall II Speakers by Audio Database, on Flickr
  11. I’ve owned a couple pairs of each (Chorus II’s and Forte II’s) and loved them both. I find the Chorus II’s are the more accurate, flat response speaker. The Tractrix mid has a wonderful textural quality that does really well with guitars in my opinion. The Forte II’s are a really fun little speaker (comparatively) that dig lower in the bass registers and have a bit more impact. I love cranking them up with rock and modern, bass heavy music. Chorus II is the guy in the room wearing a suit, the Forte II is the guy in the leather jacket but each can do the other’s job well enough. Two of my favorite speakers for sure. If I find another set of clean Chorus II’s in walnut, I plan on grabbing them and not letting them go.
  12. Temporary setup as I'm building a rack to better house my gear in this room, but these are sounding very nice. I realize this recording isn't anything like hearing them in person, but I like making the videos anyway. 😁
  13. Thanks! I'm in Franklin, PA, between Erie and Pittsburgh. I do plan on recapping in the near future. Going to spend some time listening to them first while planning what to do next. Yours are cherry lacquer, too?
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