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  1. I have a line on a pair of McIntosh MC2205 amps that will be powering a pair of ADS L2030's in monoblock configuration. The seller of the Macs has graciously offered me some time to unload some of my current and extra gear.
  2. Thank you. The Ampzilla is one of my favorite amps. In its current restored and modded state, it really shines. The bass is unbelievable, even at low volume, and the jfets in the input stage provide added clarity up top without any edginess. It's really a great amp that I'll always have a soft spot for, but it's time to move on to other things and allow someone else a chance to enjoy it.
  3. Purging some of my collection to make room (and raise capital) for more. All prices are plus shipping Local pick up available in NW PA (16323) Please add 3% for payment via PayPal or send via F&F Gladly accept other methods of payment First up is a Sonogy Black Knight MkII. This amp is quite rare and sounds amazing. It is a high bias class A/AB amp that puts out 175 wpc. Great build quality with quality components under the hood. See my write up here: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/rare-gem-sonogy-black-knight-mkii-mini-review-with-pics.811368/ See owners manual with specs here: http://sonogyresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Black-Knight-owners-manual-rev2015.pdf PRICE: $1000 Sonogy Black Knight Mk II by Audio Database, on Flickr Sonogy Black Knight Mk II by Audio Database, on Flickr Sonogy Black Knight Mk II by Audio Database, on Flickr Sonogy Black Knight Mk II by Audio Database, on Flickr Next up is a Michael Bettinger restored GAS Ampzilla. This amp has received the full reference restoration in addition to the JFET input modification. This amp has been a staple in my home for a few years (that's a LONG time for me) and I never get tired of its sound. Great bass and the JFET mod improves top end clarity. Numerous scratches on the exterior of the amp, but this one is all about the sound! Due to my own stupidity, this amp also has all new output transistors! Not thinking, I temporarily placed it on the carpet while in use which impeded airflow through the cooling chimney. This resulted in a blown output transistor. I took it to a trusted tech and had all the output transistors replaced and also had him replace all of the old Fairchild input transistors. Receipt for the repair included. PRICE: $750 HR308576 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308577 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308578 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308580 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308582 by Audio Database, on Flickr Lastly is a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp. This is a one box beast! 250 wpc into 8 ohms and 400 wpc into 4 ohms. 4 pair of line level inputs, 1 MM phono input and 1 HT direct input. Comes with remote control. Very solid build quality on this piece. This is a great integrated for those looking for the convenience of an integrated amp with the power and sound quality of separates. Please note one small scratch on top of the faceplate. See pics. PRICE: $900 HR308563 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308564 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308565 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308567 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308572 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308574 by Audio Database, on Flickr HR308575 by Audio Database, on Flickr SPECS ON THE SONOGY:
  4. Up for sale is a great wireless streamer. Excellent condition with just a few small scuffs around the USB port. This is DSD capable. You can use your own music library by installing your hard drive right into the Aries, or by plugging it into the USB ports. It also does Tidal. Really great unit for the price and the linear PSU makes a big difference in sound quality. I have original box and packaging. Shipping is included in the continental US. PayPal FF or +3%.Price: $500 SOLDFrom the manufacturer. Click to expand. IMG_20180413_070011 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20180413_070004 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20180413_070032 by Audio Database, on Flickr
  5. MATT0404

    FS in PA: Klipsch Forte II, Walnut Finish (SOLD)

    Sorry, but these are sold.
  6. MATT0404

    scott 299c - pittsburgh Cl

    That's my old 299c. It's in very nice condition with just a couple scuffs on the face. I traded it to this gentleman in non-working condition for a working Fisher 400. It only had output in one channel, but, given the ad description, it seems Joe was able to get that all sorted out. It has original HH Scott output tubes and rectifier. I can't remember what the 12ax7's were, maybe winged C's.
  7. MATT0404

    FS in PA: Klipsch Forte II, Walnut Finish (SOLD)

    Pics added to OP.
  8. MATT0404

    FS in PA: Klipsch Forte II, Walnut Finish (SOLD)

    The panels were actually installed for a different speaker, but when the Fortes are rotated into this room, I don't really notice any ill effects from leaving them in place. To be fair, though, I never listened to them in this room without the panels. In summary, I have no idea what affect they have on bass response lol! I do love the bass from these though. All in all, these are a very fun speaker that are right at home playing late night jazz, or rocking out. Very versatile and affordable at this price point, imho.
  9. Here's a very nice pair of Klipsch Forte II's in walnut. Very close to excellent condition with just a few blemishes and minor signs of wear. These are fully functional and sound great. These are one of my favorite Klipsch models that seem to fly under the radar. I'll have more photos available shortly. Until then feel free to view the videos below of the actual speakers for sale. Note two different mic setups were used in the videos. Offering these on the Klipsch forum before moving to other outlets. Details: Item: Klipsch Forte II in oiled walnut Location: Franklin, PA 16323 Price: $650 Shipping: No boxes, Uship possible with buyer making all arrangements Trades: Prefer sale, but might consider preamp as partial trade NOS Valves Scott 299c in videos will also be for sale shortly. PM me for details/price. Zoom H1 mic Internal mic on Sony A7ii Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr
  10. MATT0404

    CF 3 V1

    They look to be ADS 910's.
  11. MATT0404

    La Scala Pittsburgh CL $300

    I emailed about them within an hour or so of them being posted and never got a reply.
  12. Amazing interconnects designed by Dale Pitcher. Uses Jack Bybee's filters at both ends of each cable. Deep, dark backgrounds and stunning clarity. You can't beat these cables at this price point.On cable has two small marks. Looks like it may have come into contact with a tube and singed the techflex coating. Reasonable offers considered. Price: $725 shipped. PayPal +3% or FF. Local Pickup in NW PA available.
  13. Item: Jeff Rowland Model 112 amplifier Price: $1,800 shipped (lower 48) SOLD Location: Franklin, PA 16323 Trades: Different amp, amp/preamp combo, integrated? More pics available. Only lets me upload one here due to file size restrictions. PM me. One of the finest quality components to ever grace my rack. This is an amp that looks as good as it sounds. Attention to detail has gone into every step of the design and build process. At 150 wpc at 8 ohms and 275 wpc at 4 ohms, it has the power to drive just about any speaker available. The sound is smooth and inviting, yet detailed and articulate. The amp is in excellent condition overall with just a few very minor rub marks on the aluminum chassis (hence the conservative 7/10 rating above). Detailed photos available to interested parties. Amp will ship in its original box and packaging. Owner's manual is included. Todd Warnke at SoundStage sums up the Model 112 here:"In all, the Rowland Model 112 is the definition of jewel-like mass. Everything about it is designed with careful thought, attention to detail, and with a music-lover's heart. The tonal response -- full, accurate, but tight and extended on bottom; mids that are detailed if just a whisper lean; highs that are extended, sweet, detailed and grain-free -- leads to hours of inviting, fatigue-free listening. The limitless power of the Model 112 allows listening to anything, from after-hours ambient to full-scale orchestra. Sonic cues and musical detail are ample, if not quite to the level of the super amps (and Rowland has several of those to offer you should you have the budget). And the Model 112 presents a stage that is wide, deep and stable. All this combines to create a slightly laid-back character that makes for an easy long-term partner.This is an amp that's exquisitely honed to do a difficult job with unflappable control. It never runs out of steam, it goes all the way to the bottom of the musical scale with as complete composure as it goes to the top. It digs deep into a recording and delivers the goods without edge or glare. Add in a design that simply beautiful and you have an amp for people who appreciate quality, will pay for it, and then settle down for the long run with their choice....Todd Warnketodd@soundstage.com"FEATURES· XLR input connectors for balanced (Differential Modeä) system configuration.· RCA input Connectors for unbalanced system configurations.· Selectable overall gain of 26 or 32 dB.· User selectable switching between balanced and unbalanced connections.· 12V remote ON/OFF power switching connector.· Automatic temperature stabilizing circuitry maintains constant operating temperature.· CE approved speaker output connectors requiring no tools for tight connections.· Automatic bias adjustment maintains optimal bias setting regardless of source material or loudspeaker load.· Standby power condition reduces warm-up time.· Fail-safe operation provided by user-resetable thermal circuit breakers located on rear panel.· Quiet, transient-free operation during power and function mode switching.· Automatic input muting under anomalous input or output operating conditions.· Fully-balanced Differential Modeä circuit topology implemented from input to output.· Low resonance, structurally integrated chassis constructed of precision-machined aircraft grade aluminum.SPECS· Output Power:· Continuous RMS watts @ 8 ohms 150 watts @ 4 ohms 275 watts· Power Bandwidth: DC to 160 kHz, -3 dB·· Slew Rate: 30 volts/microsecond· THD + Noise: <.008%· Damping Factor: >60, 20 to 20 kHz· Gain (1 watt, 8 ohms): User Selectable Internal Jumper, 26 dB or 32 dB· Input Impedance: 40k ohms· Common Mode Rejection Ratio: >80 dB, 20 – 20 kHz· Absolute Phase: Phase-Inverted· Power Supply: 500 VA toroidal transformer with 100,000 MFD total storage capacitance. Regulated frontend supply.· Power Consumption: 75 watts idle, 700 watts maximum Both Channels Driven Simultaneously at Full Output Power· Inputs: User Selectable, 2 x Balanced XLR, 2 x Unbalanced RCA· Outputs: One Pair Binding Posts per Channel· Dimensions: 17.5” W x 11.7” D x 5.2” H· Weight: 55 lbs.· Shipping Dimensions: 24” W x 22” D x 13” H· Shipping Weight: 65 lbs.
  14. Small world, indeed. I grew up in Oil City and moved back to Franklin after military/college. Despite the area's shortcomings, we love it here.
  15. No headphone option on this one. I don't find this amp noisy at all. Even with my ear to the speaker (Tekton Lore) it's very quiet. I should also note that this has the optional impedance switch kit and can also run 45 tubes.