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  1. I think some Hutterrites live in just a bit west of Airway Heights. I wonder the Tridentines still live around the priest factory. (Mount Saint Michaels) http://www.stmichaels.org/mount-st-michael-then-and-now/
  2. Daylight and candles
  3. I was in central Pennsylvania back in '93...back then they had signs posted that Amish had the right of way. That's all fine until one decides to stop in the middle of busy county road and start cloud gazing...I know they want to play it off like it's the 1700s or some such, but at least get out of the way for the folks who prefer existence in modern society...
  4. Remember, Amish have the right of way
  5. Dave, The guy was a television tech, so I'm thinking that the majority of the boxed tubes are going to be either NOS television tubes, or pulls. There may be some radio tubes like the loose 2A3 I bought, like maybe a 45, but who knows? The guy spearheading the thing more than likely thinks the boxed tubes will be NOS, and I have no idea what he wants for each tube, or if it's for the whole lot or what. Not to mention testing... This guy is a cantankerous old dog...his brother Mike the Mechanic was helping him out just to be nice, until he was accused of stealing money...really? Your own brother? Asked Mike if he'll be there this weekend. NOPE!! The sale was extremely disorganized, some stuff was pilfered, like some ribbon microphones...it was ugly. Mike mentioned to go there late Sunday afternoon when the guy is desperate. I dunno, I could show up a half hour early Saturday and see...
  6. Like Derrick mentions, once the tube is up to temp that should be it as far as break-in...it could depend on the tube as well. (size/type) Most vacuum tubes that are manufactured have to pass through the burn-in rack before other quality assurance testing, so it would be safe to say they are already broke-in once they leave the factory? Figure the entire tube amplifier as a whole warming to operating temperature, and how that affects the sound of the amp. A large tube amplifier with large OPTs, chokes, PS iron can take some time to warm up...
  7. Women love big tubes
  8. It was the Mechanic's brother. He was a thirty year television service tech...Television, VCRs, video cameras, RTRs, etc... The mechanic and his other brother are spearheading the whole thing. They want to sell all the deceased brother's bench/test gear as a lot, and that's over my head. They only had a few loose tubes in a few boxes. The rest are boxed, and he'll have them up next weekend...er, okay... There is a ton of stuff, but sort of light on audio stuff. So I rooted through the loose tubes, and spied a ST tube with a familiar H plate structure. Ah, a GE 2A3. I bought a NOS GE ST 2A3 locally years ago for 25 bucks. I've always kind of been looking for a mate over the years, and now the prices for a GE H (or is it S?) plate 2A3 are getting up there. Now these old triodes can be sketchy, but we both agreed the guy wouldn't throw a dead tube with other loose tubes that look new. So I bought the 2A3, some 6SN7, a 6F6, a couple 6V6, and 12AV5...and a Simpson 260. The tubes were 2 bucks each, so the 2A3 was 2 bucks. I spent 20 bucks...driving home thinking if that 2A3 tests strong, I have a pair of GE 2A3 tubes for my 2A3 stereo SET amp. But I was really doubtful. The triode shaman were on my side today. The 2A3 tests as strong or stronger with regard to emission than the NOS one I have! I'll be returning next week...
  9. "Thank God I'm not an audiophile. Just like a pedophile, the word audiophile is defined as someone with an unhealthy attraction or interest in something." I'm a registered stereo molester...
  10. Boob sweat
  11. When I'm usually late to an estate sale or know the big selling items are gone/unaffordable, is look around for stuff other people miss in the rush of things. Went to an estate sale for a television repairman...when I first turned up ( a hour late) all the vacuum tubes were already said for and being loaded up in the box of a pick-up...so much for that option. But I went in and looked finding all the electronic parts, parts bins and a ton of other odds and ends for peanuts. I may have a local find this Saturday...the Mechanic at work had a cousin or brother pass away a few months back. He was a radio or audio dude. Mike the mechanic mentions lotsa tubes, test gear and vintage audio gear. Got the address, and asked if they posted this supposed sale on CL yet...he mentioned they probably won't...I mentioned if they do, it'll be swamped by flippers and nothing worth a sh*t will be left by the time I get there. Hmmm...maybe there can be an arrangement where I can beat the crowd...
  12. What is this Amp? A tube amp that probably sounds like solid state.
  13. The differences in sonics are too subtle to justify that kind of cost...considering the circuit/topology the particular 12AX7 is in, the types of parts used...etc...
  14. Look at the innards. Hot Glue is used. Not too fond of the way everything is configured around those goofy looking terminal strips. I have no idea what brand/brands of electrolytic capacitors are used in there. Mallory? Nichicon? What brand of box and film cap is used? Offshoot brands? Of course for 339 bucks, one gets a nice chassis, Japanese Z11 output xformers, (?) a choke and power supply transformer. Then stick different guts in it...
  15. They are more than likely hum/null pots for AC heating of the output tubes. (2A3) Just adjust the pots with no signal for the least amount of hum through the speakers.