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  1. https://www.urbanfarmacypdx.com/2019/01/14/consuming-rso-how-to-select-an-effective-dose/
  2. You may be able to find RSO oil. Rick Smith Oil... You can use it to add in for baking, cooking, or whatever. It's black, and comes in a syringe marked in CC's. It'll be spendy for a syringe, but it will last for quite some time.... You'll have to experiment with dosage. 1-2 CC's for a dozen cookies or some such. Start low, and go from there. Just don't put 3 CC's on your finger and lick it off...you'll be severe nappy time in about 20 minutes.
  3. Being that the other resistors on the board are carbon composition, it would be a safe guess that the original resistors were carbon comp and had drifted. It was explained and obvious from the image that room was the factor. I don't know about noise, but having parts oriented flat on the circuit probably minimizes the risk of being shocked. If one happens to touch the tube for some unknown reason and mistakenly contacts those leads on top of the resistors, they'll probably get a good jolt. It may have been wise to put some heatshrink over the exposed leads.
  4. Something he could try... First, leave the power supply xformer CT grounded at the first capacitor ground lug. It's supposed to be that way. Did the amplifier have a three pronged power cord, or a two pronged plug to begin with? You mentioned 120Hz hum, which could be power supply related...I dunno... Try lifting the ground of the three prong power cord, and see if the noise goes away, (make sure the polarity is right) or power the sources to the integrated amp from a different wall socket.
  5. His comments on Vince Meal and Motley Crue are golden...
  6. You had an earlier thread where you mentioned the amplifier had low volume output. Did you solve that issue? Did to the amplifier have hum problems before the rebuild?
  7. Spodie…(sp?)…where you add fruit. If you used minimal juice and good alcohol, they would turn out pretty good. The fruit was excellent the day after. But everyone would buy dirt cheap liquor, or some clown would buy Gin... My liquor of choice in High School. That stuff will ruin your day...
  8. Is there much difference between KN728 and KN928?
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