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  1. heh It's the static display version. A guy ditched on me at an audio meet and greet. It used a couple of filament transformers to light up the heaters to the tubes for display. Then it had a plastic hammond case inside mounted on the front, with a Velleman LED control PCB inside, and a couple 9-volt batteries. (with 2004 date codes) There was a little switch on the back for the LED display. The knobs on the front are fake...like cabinet knobs screwed in with Allen bolts. The switches are real, but not connected to anything. If anything, I scored two dozen fresh input jacks, and ten good tube sockets. The wood chassis is actually solid Bubinga. I'm pondering the idea of using the aluminum chassis plate and Bubinga base for an amplifier project. But maybe shorten the plate and base for a smaller profile. Interesting piece for the Poverty Audio scrapyard...
  2. The Lafayette Stereo 250A uses this very circuit, except the cap values are 250uF. It runs a quad of EL86, which (I think) draw a bit more current than EL84.
  3. Some sort of tube buffer, maybe?
  4. Considering the obnoxious frustration password I set-up for PP, I consider them rather nice letting that password slide....
  5. Howdy, Schiit Loki Mini high fidelity tone control. Excellent condition. Low hours of use...maybe 15 hours. Comes with manual and wall wart power supply. Packed well and shipped to lower 48. Sold Thanks!
  6. There is a slight nick on the faceplate...
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