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  1. They do. You can get replacement parts from them. https://benchmarkmedia.com/collections/parts
  2. I suppose a Benchmark DAC1 is pretty much a vintage DAC by now... Nonetheless, I wanted one for years and finally got one for a good price. The last owner unfortunately put a piece of tape over the faceplate to cover up those little supernovas they call LEDS on the unit, and then parked it by a window in the sunlight for a few years. So now there is this dark tape mark across the faceplate finish, and it's permanent. It was mentioned in the listing however, so I knew about it. I hate rack ears anyway, (don't have a rack) and I'm thinking of getting a silver faceplate from Benchmark when I'm more flush. My world sounds better as well...
  3. Dr. Luke and Max Martin write lame lyrics
  4. Miley just looks like a little boy with a nice ***.
  5. It? Is it a shmale?
  6. I picked up a desktop PC for media use with my home stereo...found out real fast the motherboard's audio sonic signature is rather lame... So I started searching for a outboard DAC to use. Went for a Benchmark DAC1 because I've heard one before, (and there actually affordable for a poor slob like myself) and it seems like a good product with good customer service. That made the PC sound better...not like an analog record by any means, but I wasn't shooting for that. Just better sound quality. I also bought the DAC1 for redbook CDs, using various CD players as transports. Most are junk, but I picked up a Pioneer DV-37 Elite DVD player at a thrift store a few years back. I recall the unit sounding pretty good for redbook CDs for what it was, but not really that great compared to my Marantz/Heart tubed CD player. So it went on the shelf... Today I took the DV-37 and tore it down, cleaned it up, and am using the unit as a transport for the DAC1. Using a vintage Kenwood integrated, the sound seems to have a sort analog feel about it... Hell, I like both rekerds and ceedees...
  7. Hot Mama in the middle...
  8. Road rage music
  9. Most tubed CD players use the tube/tubes at the output of the CDP, in the low pass analog circuit (after the DAC chip) where the buffering op amps would be...the tubes are used instead of op-amps for buffering. I've had an old Carver 490T tubed CD player, and have Daddy Dee's Heart/Marantz tubed unit...I dunno, there is something to be said about a CD player with a tubed output.
  10. Baby Smurfs
  11. I think they need to meet midway somewhere, get a Motel and bang each other...
  12. SMSL M8A? Topping D30?
  13. Satan's gittin' sum...