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  1. Microsoft Word - CX12A90.DOC (amkspeaker.com)
  2. Don't see any practicality having a 12" coaxial for the bottom driver...maybe a 12" woofer on the bottom and a 12" coaxial on top. Keep in mind this was suggested design/build plans in 1952 for the line of Jensen drivers at the time, from the G-610 triaxial on down. I don't think Jensen ever commercially produced this suggested BLH design. They did with the Imperial...but I'm not sure about this corner version. The BL250 tri-plex (and variants?) were commercially produced, and also had design/plans in the 1956 catalog under Ultraflex. I have a pair of the CT100 Concertos made from plans, which is just the plain stripped down version of the BL250. These were the days of mono, with the cabinet in a corner of a big open house, playing big band music...boom was king.
  3. I would stick with the plans for 12" drivers at 27" height...unless you want to eventually build another motorboard for 15" drivers. My cabinets are more in line for 12" drivers at 30" tall. The full height for 15" drivers is 36.5"...a bit more area than 30". I have no idea how a 12" driver would work in a Jensen BLH cabinet for 15" drivers...but I do know my cabinets are too small for 15" drivers. There was bad peaking issues around 300Hz with a 15" driver. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/169755-cabinet.html
  4. ZZ (GZLOZONE) EAR834 clone awaiting PS transformer.
  5. Seems a bit risky...what if the seed dies? Most grow operations clone their strains of plants. Unless it's autoflower, which grows from seed, has a quick grow time from seed to flower, and is mostly grown on outdoor operations.
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