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  1. mike stehr

    The MicroZOTL MZ3 is a one-watt Speaker Amp!

    30-20,000Hz...Plus or minus 20dB...but more minus...
  2. mike stehr

    lascalas very little bass

    What's wrong with the big JBL?
  3. mike stehr

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Through snowdrifts.
  4. mike stehr

    Cap Question

    I'd like to know how someone would go about swapping out caps directly on the fly, and try to discern the difference. The Flash with clip-leads? One way would be to rig up two different networks with different brand/type of caps, and somehow use a DPDT switch to swap between networks. Using just one side of an amplifier, or a mono amp. You could quickly swap between networks, to hear differences. A friend and I did this once with a 2A3 SET, and some large Mitsubishi amplifier...DX some such... We used one speaker with a switch to switch between amps. Once we had the volume levels set even between both amps, switching back and forth quickly showed no differences unless they were really subtle. One's (at least mine) audible memory isn't that quick to note subtle differences. YMMV. But when you take 2A3 amplifier or the Mitsubishi, and listen to one of them in your system for a week, and then switch to the other, one will or should notice the differences. I would guess that this the same for capacitor networks.
  5. mike stehr

    Cap Question

    If you ask me with reference to what Derrick posted, it was more of an apples to banana comparison. You can definitely tell one from the other.
  6. mike stehr

    lascalas very little bass

    You need a pair of Heresies for the top.
  7. mike stehr

    lascalas very little bass

    It's been awhile...
  8. mike stehr

    lascalas very little bass

    Flip them over and there should be a access panel, with screws and a gasket.
  9. mike stehr

    Heritage / HIP Inspired KI-362's?

    Were those originally ported subwoofer (or woofer) cabinets? I would think so...
  10. mike stehr

    La Scala Modification Fact or Fiction?

    When you get to the search bar in the upper right hand corner, right click and select "all content". Then type in ported LaScala. I got 96 hits off the forums search bar.