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  1. The amplifier is set-up for individual bias pots for each tube, but I'm only using two bias pots for each pair until I source more Bournes trim pots. schematic (1).pdf
  2. If anyone comes across one of these, be aware that the amplifier works best with a preamplifier or line-stage of some sort. The volume pots on the amplifier or more like input level controls, you dial those in, and then use the main volume control from the preamplifier or line-stage. This is shown in the video with the companion 445A preamplifier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u35cUQCLmWY
  3. The shortest cut would be to pick the favorite tap, and just use it. Who needs attenuation...
  4. They use a switch to select each tap off the autoformers. The autoformer does the attenuation, the switch selects the taps. Unless you mean just using a stepped attenuator over an autoformer.
  5. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32923115706.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.23.66866b83vRmPKu I have the stuffed ZeroZone GG linestage and power supply boards, all I need to do is source the power supply transformer.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/263195361113?ul_noapp=true
  7. Yeah, don't buy a broken oscilloscope. You can do quite a bit of troubleshooting with a multimeter of some sort or a VOM. The scopes colleges usually flog are older models, and one should pay attention to calibration dates. If you are actually interested, talk to the right people, or go to some ham fests if they have them in your area. There is a chance you may find a better scope...you may have to pay a little more, but you'll probably do better than an off brand 4 meg scope. I have a B&K 10mHz scope I bought for 40 dollars years ago, and have been wanting to upgrade. A local retired friend hits the ham fests, so when he seen a Tektronix 2246 for 100 bucks in perfect working order, he couldn't pass it up. He has his share of oscilloscopes, so he passed it on to me for 100 bucks.
  8. I didn't realize these were as expensive used as I thought...but if you find one on the cheap... It's nice to have a variable isolation transformer with a way to monitor voltage/current/wattage.
  9. Maybe so, but the Luxman isn't a hybrid.
  10. He plugged something into it. Note the line side is burnt, and the cover is on the floor below the receptacle. He should have had common sense to park something in front of that before the youtube hi-fi show-and-tell
  11. The fronts turned out nicer because there was some left over finish that worked like primer/fill. I'm guessing you used the spray can over the raw plywood. Spray painting raw plywood or MDF can be an exercise in futility with blotches. Black latex (be it flat/semi or even gloss) applied with a 3/8" knap roller works pretty well. It leaves a bit of textured finish however. Nonetheless, Ace rattle cans are cheap, and you're pretty much committed by now.
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