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  1. I scratch built a pair of mono Aikido linestages using 6SN7. We checked for microphonic or noisey 6SN7s by just yanking the tube and swapping in another while powered up. Some growled while a hand was near it, and a couple screamed for mercy. It was quick and dirty, but it worked. 6SN7 can be a crapshoot for noise/microphonics.
  2. It seems (to me) that using drywall screw anchors to fix the tonearm and tone board to the rubber base would leave a little slop/wiggle? Like Michael mentions, maybe a top layer (mabbe a 1/4" to 3/8" thick) of like mahogany or maple...wood types used for musical instruments. I admire the just do it and see what happens approach.
  3. You can still use the autoformers in the networks you have, along with the bass inductors. It would save a couple bucks. I'm using the 1% Bennic caps in my Cornwalls.
  4. I think you may be thinking of the Crites crossover network with the 4500kHz point. You might be correct on the B2 being a 2nd order network. Not too sure myself, but it appears to be.
  5. There's audio dorks out there that will drop 4K like a dirty sock on audio gear. I visited local retired AE once and he had a friends 7000 dollar Dynaudio Contours just hanging around. I asked if he wanted them back, being the value of them. "He doesn't care."
  6. He's talking about different sets (types) of wire.
  7. If you look closer at the stranded orange wire, (which appears to be a type of Teflon insulation) you'll notice the bends aren't as tight as the solid core yellow insulated wire. I may just have to find a pair of those jewelry pliers...
  8. MKP at 0.48...
  9. He mentions buying and using a new power gate amp.
  10. 06/17/2001
  11. I think a moving coil cartridge requires a step up transformer.
  12. You know that pic was taken in the peak of the cigarette era..."Can I bum a smoke, Frank?" "Here, just grab a pack out of the bowl."
  13. The vintage Kmart sticker might be worth something.