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  1. I doubt the suspect amplifier issue is from clipping....as both should start clipping at the same point/time. You swapped the amplifiers and the problem went away, after ruling out everything else with regard to speakers, power tubes, driver tubes. Considering you recently purchased the amplifiers new, I would get ahold of Mike Sanders. He may help with you with troubleshooting/diagnostics, and give him an idea what's wrong with the suspect amplifier.
  2. DG is Dave Gillespie. Dave is no slouch when it comes to tube audio. He seen/read all the hype on AK about these little Magnavox 8600 series console amplifiers. Curious, he picked up one to see what the big deal was about. He wasn't too impressed with a bone stock Magnavox circuit, so he built his own...DG-SE1. My friend up north picked the EFB (enhanced fixed bias) circuit for a Dynaco ST-35 amplifier project. He really likes how the EFB works with the amplifier, and very very happy with the sound. Daves Store: Dynaco SCA-35 ST-35 EFB Upgrades and Restoration (tronola.com)
  3. Hybrid implies either solid state devices, (transistors) used for output, and vacuum tubes for preamplifier stages. Or the output stage uses vacuum tubes, with solid devices for the front-end (preamplifier) stages.
  4. Fabricating cabinets would be the cheapest part of the whole project
  5. That's a screaming deal. GLWS.
  6. The "original" caps that came with the guy's Cornwalls are the motor run oil capacitors that were used at the time. From what I can gather from him explaining that the "original" caps are physically leaking. The "Correct" cap for replacement which has been authorized by Klipsch is the TI brand polyester capacitors sold by JEM. IMO...
  7. Arthur Brown - Fire 🔥 (1968) - YouTube
  8. Check this one out. Some serious glass blowing work in this vid... Philips Factory Thirties - YouTube
  9. They both appear to be radios.
  10. Microsoft Word - CX12A90.DOC (amkspeaker.com)
  11. Don't see any practicality having a 12" coaxial for the bottom driver...maybe a 12" woofer on the bottom and a 12" coaxial on top. Keep in mind this was suggested design/build plans in 1952 for the line of Jensen drivers at the time, from the G-610 triaxial on down. I don't think Jensen ever commercially produced this suggested BLH design. They did with the Imperial...but I'm not sure about this corner version. The BL250 tri-plex (and variants?) were commercially produced, and also had design/plans in the 1956 catalog under Ultraflex. I have a pair of the CT100 Concertos made from plans, which is just the plain stripped down version of the BL250. These were the days of mono, with the cabinet in a corner of a big open house, playing big band music...boom was king.
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