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  1. No defiling
  2. Roadkill episode 43
  3. I had the Pinto...
  4. Clackers
  5. Can a guy get a schematic for the new version of Mac MC275?
  6. Well, then the next best bet for Schu is to get a paper and pencil, look over the circuit and draw up a schematic.
  7. I really, really doubt there is a released schematic. Your best bet is to email Craig.
  8. Looks like gag ball dude is about to crack the leprechaun upside the head with his one good arm.
  9. I need to fire up the old Musicmaster and play some vinyl...I'm currently building a tube phono stage for the beast. Image from the past...
  10. Some girls would jump in on the beer bongs... I recall back in the mid-eighties when Old English in cans turned up around these parts. The alcohol content was too high for the state limits in the day, so you could only get it at the liquor store. Some friends buy two cases of the Old English and go to the local county park where you could drink back then. They let this beer sit in direct sunlight from about Noon to Dusk on a good 90-95 degree day. At dusk these boys start shot-gunning Old English, with the cans so hot you could barely hang on to them. These guys went sober to sloppy drunk in about ten minutes. I tried shot-gunning one, but just pretty much puked it back up...
  11. Nice end tables.
  12. http://highend-electronics.com/products/shakti-hallograph-1
  13. Once you get them outlet covers squared away, your gonna need some of these. http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue43/resonators.htm