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  1. My older CS 16/46's had those goofy metal grilles, and all they did was buzz and vibrate. So I tore them off. To keep critters and dust out, I took panty hose, and covered the bottom of the ports.
  2. I had a '66 Ford Econoline van with a straight six and three on the tree. I'd be at an intersection, and the shifter linkage would hang up with no way to shift into first. I would have to get out of the van, reach through the grille, straighten the shifter linkage, then jump back in the van and be able to shift again. While everyone around myself was honking, wondering what on earth I was doing...it was a bit embarrassing...
  3. I had a pair with the HF105 drivers, but sold them to fund a 2-way style D project in old Jensen DIY Ultraflex cabinets. They were used with a pair of 10" Lafayette "Criterion 100B" woofers. I ran the woofers wide open with a Zobel, and the HF105/STH100 2nd order at 2.2kHz. The STH100 is cast aluminum little beast, and well made. The HF105 had a smooth sound to my ears from what I recall. The HF105 driver was a lower cost option that I could afford for the Faital brand. I may have to get another pair of STH100 horns eventually...probably the best tweeters I ever had with the HF105 drivers.
  4. The highest paid welfare recipients in the World?
  5. Not completely, but it's just a slight thump compared to before.
  6. Zak must be paid well to be that enthusiastic.
  7. Can the average DIY slob find a source for this sort of grille material?
  8. It helps you get smart.
  9. Nope. You have to use clear GE Silicone 2 bathroom caulk.
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