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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, this my first post looking for help, I'm working in a SW-110 power supply, there's no voltage on the amp section. Visual inspection: No damaged components, all look good. Electrolyric Capacitors: All test good even that, I replaced them with new ones. Mosfets: All test good. Fuse: Not blown, No Shorts according with the current limitation lamp. Power Test: when plugged in, lamp flashes once and the off, 178VDC at the rectifier bridge, 90VDC in each big capacitor, 177VDC at one of the IRF730 mosfet, 0V on the other, 177VDC at the blue capacitor (coupling I guess), 89VDC at pin#3, #4, #5 of the primary winding at the big transformer but, no voltage in the secondary winding (amp section), no 27VDC on the regulators, no 5VDC on the pink resistors, No voltage at the Bash board. I really need help, I must be missing something, should I have voltage at the secondary winding at the transformer even if there's a problem in the amp section? How the power on activation work in the Power Supply? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I have an RW-10d and the LCD display doesn't come on and if I hook up audio input I hear nothing. The fuse is fine. I took the back plate off and I have 120V AC on the power supply board; However, the CD+ to CD- voltage reads as 0V DC. I presume this means that the power supply is bad. I'd just prefer to replace the entire board if possible. I contacted support and they told me "Unfortunately we no longer have the amplifier for that speaker available. You may need to locate a replacement using a secondary market". Any ideas where I can get replacement parts or what I should try?
  3. Sorry for this being my first post and if this has come up a lot, I couldn't find much info online. I bought my pro media 2.1 speakers in the early 2000's and recently it stopped working. I took the back off and took a look around the board after it stopped working. The speakers would turn on for a second, then turn off. I would hear a click after the speakers would turn off. I traced the problem to the position C118 transistor. At least I think it's a transistor. Anyhow it's blown and blackened. I found one post online saying it may just be a noise filter or something and it could be safe to just remove it and not use it, but I don't want to do so, and further damage the circuit board. If anyone could help me out, i would bee forever grateful. Also, sorry if this post is a wall of text as i am posting this from my phone. Edit: if this post is in the wrong forum, mods please feel free to move this.
  4. I have now lost power altogether after having intermittent loss over the last few weeks when unplugging it for short periods
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