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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am looking to sell my entire Surround Sound setup. Everything sounds great, and some of the cabinets have some mounting holes from the previous owner, but overall good condition. All grills stay on, but as with many of there older series of the RF7s a few of the pegs have broken off. Here is Everything: 2 Klipsch RF 7 floor standing speakers 1 RC35 Center Channel 2 RW 12" powered Subs 2 RS35 Speakers that can be used as the rear channel 1 Denon AVR-3312CI receiver 1 Monster HTS3600 Power cleaner/surge protector Everything works. I am near the Phoenix AZ area. If anyone is interested, just let me know. Asking $3000 or best offer for everything.
  2. These Speakers have been SOLD.... I have the following Klipsch speakers to sell. They were all purchased new in 2003. We are refreshing our main living area and need to find a home for these. Here's what we have: Klipsch RF3 II Speakers ( paid $699 for the pair) Klipsch RC-35 Center Speaker (paid $350) Klipsch SF-1 Rear Speakers (paid $300 for the pair) Klipsch KSW-10 Sub Woofer (paid $279) Total Cost in 2003: $1628 Would be willing to sell the entire lot for $628. Buyer would have to pick up. I live in Northwest Indiana (Crown Point) Thanks! Ed
  3. I am hoping to sell my RC35 (Black) and have listed it on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Center-Channel-Speaker-RC35-Black-Excellent-Condition-/132006266527?hash=item1ebc2fc69f:g:Lw4AAOSwiONYLd34 It is in excellent condition! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, jt
  4. Most of you have probably already upgraded from the old RC-35 center speaker(or the old reference series altogether, for that matter). But for those of you who still have the old RC-35 and have trouble with the sound quality I.E. muddy, scrapy, bad sound, I have found the error.(I don't know if the problem exists on the RS-35 or whatever they were called, the floorstanding one's in the same series.) After putting up with the terrible sound for way too long I opened up the speaker.(8 torx screws on the front) And what I found was that every spade-contact to the speaker elements was loose. It seems that the wire spade plugs are made of a material that is too soft, so it will create intermittant contact to the speaker element spade terminal when the speaker is vibrating. On my speaker some of them almost fell off when I pulled them. Solution: Unplug, turn off etc. amplifier etc before attempting this. Pull off each spade plug, and using a flat nose plier, gently tighten the plug before attaching it again. You could also cut the spade plug and mount a better one if you have the tools for it. After doing this a year ago I actually needed to do it again yesterday, so new spade plugs would probably be the best option. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for anyone destroying their speaker, amplifier, loosing the warranty, killing the cat or whatever by following my instructions, but if you are capable of doing such a task as described above, you might get a better sounding speaker.
  5. I am setting up my new system which consists of 2 RF82s as the mains and a RC-35 as the center. For surrounds I have a pair of RB-35s and a pair of RS-35s. My question is should the dipole RS-35s be used for the side surrounds or the back surrounds?
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