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  1. Hello everyone! I'm afraid it's been a few "minutes" since I last posted. For those of you who may remember me, I completed the building of my Klipsch HT back in 2004 and since that time, there have only needed to be a few equipment upgrades and repairs. But the theater is still very much alive-and-well. The mains are RF7 (first edition), center is an RC7, Surrounds are RS7 and rear are in-walls that are very similar to the R-5800 W II. The original subwoofer was an RSW-15. I started out with a 78" Stewart Filmscreen and a Sharp DLP Projector. Those have since been replaced with a 75" Samsung Series 8 flat-screen. Of course, over time, I upgraded the Pioneer Elite DVD player to a Blu-Ray and then again to a Panasonic 4K Blu-Ray player. My flagship, Pioneer Elite VSX-49TXi receiver is still kicking after having to replace the DSP card about 8 years ago, but it does not have any HDMI interface! Therefore, a lot of stuff is accomplished effectively using the 7.1 discreet inputs and outputs on the Panasonic 4K Blu-Ray player and the 5.1 (SPDIF) optical outputs from the video screen. Somehow it all works and is still impressive (to me). That brings us to the subwoofer: My trusty RSW-15 (circa 2004) has been a real powerhouse of a sub. I found it to be viscerally impactive during motion picture scenes and because we collect a lot of music concert videos, the RSW-15 is also extremely musical, including with my CD collection and vinyl, in my humble opinion. So then, why replace it? First, the sub is now 19 years old. Back in 2015, I had the internal amp's power supply let go when the 15" driver's voice coil went to ground. I had a local lab repair the amp and I replaced the driver with a new Klipsch OEM driver, thanks to the Klipsch parts department inventory. It was an expensive repair, but it bought me another 7 years use out of the sub. It failed again last September (2022). So, having been without a sub for the past 11 months (brutal, huh? LOL), I finally had saved up enough money to buy a proper replacement: The new, RP-1600SW. The 110-pound sub (137 pounds shipping) took exactly one week to arrive (free shipping - Thank you Klipsch!) and this past Tuesday, this enormous, semi truck with a 48-foot trailer pulled up in front of my little house and delivered this monster of a sub to my garage. The box was 29" x 30" and would not fit through my 29" side door to the basement. So, my son Bill and I unboxed it outside and moved it downstairs with an appliance dolly. We temporarily placed it on the floor below our screen and in front of our theater seats. I must build a small platform to support it before I can install it in it's permanent spot, beneath our theater's bar, where the old RSW-15 had always sat, behind the theater seats and set to 180 degrees phase. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: After a busy day of installing the sub and and another day where I had other obligations, yesterday, I was finally able to re-calibrate my system with Pioneer's on-board, MCACC acoustic calibration system. It had been several years since I last needed to re-calibrate, so back to the Pioneer Elite owner's manual I went, as I no longer could recall the exact procedure. After about an hour of "beeps" and "boops" and fiddling with some settings manually, I began using source material that I am very familial with, to fine-tune the system to my ears liking. I wound up with the two front RF7s set to large, all the other speakers set to small, the sub set to plus, the crossover frequency set to 80HZ so the RF7s can go deep and I added 3db volume to the rear channels and 2db volume to the sub. As for the sub settings, Phase is set to zero, low pass is set to 150HZ and volume is set to 9 out of 11. Yes, those design geeks at Klipsch do have a sense of humor: It's the only volume control I have that actually goes to "11"! The source material I used for now was Master & Commander DVD scene 4 "Under Attack", one heck of a canon-ball battle, the first couple of songs on the 1999 concert DVD of Peter Frampton: Live in Detroit and Top Gun Maverick, which I am seeing for the very first time (Wow, what a movie!). I found immediately that the 1600 goes much deeper than the RSW-15. The visceral elements I had with the 15 were still there with the 1600 only better. Musically, I think I would say that I found the 1600 to be even more musical that the 15. It's subtlety has more finesse than the 15. The front port of the 1600 moves an incredible amount of air! In some scenes I thought we had the floor fan on!! Because of the 1600's exclusive, port design, not once did I hear any port "chuffing"! Nice job, Klipsch! It's incredible how much excursion the 16" driver has on the 1600! Overall, for the moment, I must say I am not disappointed with my purchase. I'm impressed. And I believe that once I get this monster under our bar in it's own little false corner, this sub is only going to sound better! Stay Tuned!
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