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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I need help valuing and selling these two Klipschorn speakers. Serial numbers 6M508 & 507 is what I located on the back (pictures below). I am not sure where to sell and I need an estimated value to sell these. Would appreciate any input from the experts out there! I know these are some good ones. We had four, but two were stolen unfortunately many years ago. Thanks everyone, Perrin
  2. Got these out of an old family house that about to be sold on the river inn Bandera, TX. They were moved there in the early 2000s from my Godfathers ranch in LaGrange, TX where he had one on each corner. I don't know if he got them with the house or bought them himself. My guess is the later to be honest. Anyway, I am trying to figure out exactly what i have and look for a new good home for them. My world these days is my home studio for tracking drums and don't have a proper space for something like these. So i am just trying to figure out what i have and what my options are. Here are some pictures which you can tell cosmetically they need some love, functionally they've tested good so far. I appreciate any guidance or education and hope thsi found the right slot in ya'lls forums. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Klipsch Community, I am currently In the process of helping my grandparents sell and appraise many of the items that my great-grandfather had obtain over the years. He passed recently and they have decided to sell the large collection of Klipsch speakers and Mcintosh equipment that he had left for them. I really need help finding buyers for these items and help also figuring out fair prices to sell them at. Klipsch Collection Includes: Pair of Klipschorn speakers (Model: K-D-FR) (1969) One Cornwall III Speaker (1970's) Mcintosh Collection Includes: One FM Tuner (MR71) One Solid State Pre Amplifier (c.26) Digital Dynamic Stereo Power Amplifier (MC7270) Performance Indicator (MI-3) MCD 7000 Compact Disc Player Other Items: RekOkurt K-34H turntable Ampex 1450 Tape Recorder Nakamichi Cassette Deck 1 I have Photos I can share and I could give more info. Any and all help would be appreciated in pricing these items. Searching for Interested buyers! Would be willing to work out a deal for a bulk purchase. Link to view photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LTsHFd6AqOgOUPWSJIiyNy4FTbB-AMUO Located for Pick-up in Orange, Tx (near Beaumont) Thanks, Devin
  4. My parents are roller skating rink operators and they are getting out of the business. We are selling all of our speakers, which are made by yours truly, Klipsch. We have 6 Lascalas and 2 MCMS. All are in great working condition!! No visible wear and tear on the casings of the speakers, just a bit of dust. We would like $7000.00. We are able to deliver, if close by or we would hire a trucking company. If you prefer a trucking company, the shipping price would be paid by you and if we can deliver for you, we will just add a flat rate of $300, as long as you are within 70 miles of the zip code 13021. If you would like more pictures, please let me know!!! Always Willing to Negotiate!!! Thanks!! Email: mafmusic12@yahoo.com Phone Number: 315-567-6868
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