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Found 5 results

  1. I have a 5.1 Home Theater using a KV1 Klipsch Center Speaker , front left and right speakers are KSB3.1 Klipsch and rear Left and right are IC525 Klipsch Ceiling speakers. The Sub-woofer is an Infinity powered BU-1. I also use an iLive 37" Sound Bar to enhance TV dialog at low volume. The system runs through a Onkyo TX-NR626 A/V Receiver. The center and sound bar have been on a TV cabinet (with storage for the EQ inside). Normally, the positioning is the sound bar off center right and the center off center left behind the TV. With the TV stand, 1/2 the center is blocked so the back is lifted and it aims down. This sound is OK and when necessary adjustments can be made by movement of the sound bar. See photo. However, I recently upgraded my TV to a 4K 50" Samsung UHDTV. I plan to consider a wall mount for the new TV. Since the center channnel speaker is large and heavy would it be OK to leave it on top of the cabinet and try and hang the sound bar from the TV? I see several items designed to do that. I fear the Klipsch is too heavy to hang from a rack setup. This means that from the listening/viewing area, the center speaker would be below the sound bar. The sound bar is connected to the TV audio via optical cable so when I am in Home Theater mode with the audio through the A/V Receiver, no sound comes from the sound bar. I would appreciate any comments.
  2. I would like some suggestions please on your thoughts for a speaker and receiver upgrade. My Icon SB1 sound bar died. I would like to keep the cost around $1500. I would like to go with a good receiver a sub and a pair of speakers. Room is 21' by 30' Thanks John
  3. Dear, i've just installed in my house a RSB-8 connected to my TV, a gate connected to a crown, a RW1 in a Room, another Gate connected to a Bose System, and other two RW1 (paired) in the master room. The App it's not so friendly the only one thing that i was able to play quickly was the internet radio. My PONO player connected to AUX in the pair RW1 don't work, the itunes library can't be played (file not supported), DLNA it's worse, downloaded some APP, but all have problem while playing to specific speaker / room (but i don't wanna use DLNA). Works RSB-8 using BT. Any suggestion? I really need to move to spotify?? Regards.
  4. Hi all, I just picked up the R-4B sound bar as a Christmas gift for my parents. In the mean time I wanted to give it a test run and try to fit it into my current set up. I am definitely an amateur with this stuff so this could be very straight forward. My receiver (Rx-v375) gathers up all my hdmi inputs and sends the sound out through my two old Kenwood towers and subwoofer. Is there a way to add the sound bar as an additional speaker set? When I plugged in the analog connectors to the outputs there was no sound. Are the two output methods mutually exclusive? I would appreciate any advice or insights. In the meantime the Bluetooth sounds pretty good, this is my first Klipsch product so I'm excited to give them a whirl.
  5. Just installed my SB3 and it sounds great. Only problem is my front control panel and consequently remote aren't working. No indicator lights lighting up. Can't adjust volume, program remote, and anything else I need the front panel for. I unplugged it. Turned off the power for a minute. Any help would be much appreciated.
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