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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I just bought the below set of speakers and receiver, my receiver is only 100Watt. Should i buy a new receiver or should i get an amplifier. Please provide suggestions on wringing and placement of the speakers as well please. Receiver: TSR-700 7.1-channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI KLIPSCH RP280FA DOLBY ATMOS FRONT SPKR (2) KLIPSCH RP-150M REFERENCE PREM.,CHERRY KLIPSCH R-112SW 12" POWERED SUB CHERRY KLIPSCH RP-440C REFERENCE PREM.,CHERRY KLIPSCH RP-140SA REFR PREM.ATMOS,BK Appreciate your patience and help Thank you
  2. Currently I am running a system with a Denon AVR-1911 paired with the Klipsch Quintet III satellite speakers, and a 12inch Klipsch powered sub (cannot remember the model number at the moment). This configuration worked out great in the home that I bought it in, but recently I have moved into a larger house. The room that we have setup as our theater room is above a 2 car garage, so its a bit larger than the original room. Maybe 17 x 20 however the current configuration has us with everything off to one side of the room, and we sit at about the 15-16 ft mark away from the front speakers. We have noticed issues with dialog for a long time, even after re configuring the receiver to the room using the supplied mic from the unit. I have always found that to be a good starting point but still having to manually adjust speaker levels. However even with adjustments, I found myself turning the receiver up to single digits in volume just to get mostly clear dialog and that ends up causing the other speakers to go out of wack by being too loud. I am not in a position to replace everything all at once, and eventually plan to get floor standing Left and right channels but cannot at the moment due to the current configuration of furniture. So I wanted to start with a center channel, but even after researching I still a bit confused on the best path to take. I was leaning towards the R-25C as its the "old model" and I cannot seem to find any real difference between that and the R52-c However I came across a Crutchfield sale for RP-400C and was wondering if this would be a better option? What Im looking for is a good center channel that will grow with my system, with the expectation that the current config (Quintet satellites for L\R, Rear) and this new center will be around for a while so I want it to at least sound decent and work well enough with each other. Any thoughts from some of the more well versed people here? Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, Just joined the klipsch community and bought the Klipsch Reference RSB-6 210-Watt Sound Bar with 6.5" Wireless Subwoofer. It sounds fantastic and I was wondering if there is any way I can add more external speakers to connect to it for a more surround sound experience. Thanks in advance,
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