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RSW 10D powering up question


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Just recieved my RSW 10d sub , was an openbox. It seems to have issues powering up intermittently.

The first time i hooked up to [power outlet it turned on. Then i disconnected the main power , hooked up the speaker input and hooked back the power outlet but the sub wouldnt power-up. Tried playing with connecting wires , no use. Used the power on-off switch at back of sub , no use. After about a minute , on another attempt at powering the on-off switch at the back of the sub , the sub turns on.

This happened many times [ 4-5] . Looks like the sub needs some rest before it can poweron again.

Should i just keep the sub , it it a normal thing , or return it and take a loss.



--RB 81


--RSW 10D??

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