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Subwoofer with Heresy III


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I just ordered a set of Heresy IIIs and wondered if I use a subwoofer, what would be the recommended way to wire them? Would you connect the Heresy to the subwoofer outputs or disable the subwoofer crossover by running parallel connections to the subwoofer and the Herseys?


Joel in Tennessee

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When I run sub/sat I let the satellite run it's full range and cross over the sub at a point where they will blend. For the heresy's a crossover point would be between 40-60hz, depending on the slope of the subs cutoff.

Of course the other school of thought is to cut the sats off completely below 80hz and let the sub do the work down there.

6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other I suppose.

Just make sure you get a REAL sub that isn't just a home theater boom box designed to thump between 40 and 80hz, with little in the 1st octave.

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